7 Reasons Why People Should Not Want to Learn a Foreign Language

What foreign language?

One of the main questions people ask when thinking of learning a foreign language is “Which foreign language should I try to learn?” Will be said at other times. There can be many reasons for wanting or wanting to learn a foreign language and the number of people may vary. Family, generation, occupation, business, education, travel, adventure, romance and other personal needs can all have their roles in deciding to learn and continue learning a foreign language.

With thousands of languages ​​spoken around the world, there is no shortage of choice, in addition to major languages ​​such as English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, and German. But most learners admit, “I do not like to try to learn a foreign language.” Why? Here are the top seven most commonly given reasons.

The seven most common reasons given

1. There is no way to train regularly

“I know learning a foreign language is a valuable skill, but no one I know speaks it and I have no way to practice it”:

2. Long lists of vocabulary to memorize

“We get a long vocabulary of more than 50 words in class every week. I can’t memorize them.”

3. Non-logical grammatical rules

Many foreign language learners complain, “I have no idea the grammar and rules of a foreign language.”

4. Pronunciation difficulties

“When I try to speak in class, everyone laughs at me because I mispronounce my words, they say.”

5. Bad foreign language teachers

Our foreign language teacher is terrible. She hardly knows the language. She should not really try to teach us. “

6. There are not enough resources

“So what do we do with it (a foreign language)? We have no good tapes, videos, songs, movies or games. To me it seems like a waste.”

7. Traveling abroad is expensive

“Hey, I’m going to go to a foreign country that speaks the language, but I’ll not get a visa”: “Even if I can get a visa, I will never be able to get airfare and hotels.”

Bottom effect filter

If an Englishman is going to do a productive job as a foreign language teaching professional, these are just a few of the many difficulties and obstacles that must be overcome. Only then can the teacher and learner minimize or compensate for the influence of learners to make the most of any language learning effort.

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