Apple Deletes IBooks Author – Why ?!

Welcome. I have been a self-published author (give or take) for over twenty years.

I have also worked extensively in the field of professional entertainment. Blu-ray and DVD (yes … remember, lol) titles for Wild, Fresh of the Boat and many other great Fox movies, “claim some of my” fame.

I’ve been in many other digital media for as long as I can remember. From creating audio for the theater, to my own magician’s business leaflets, to doing motion graphics for commercials, etc … I’m all around.

My main tool bag has always been from both Adobe and Apple.

Today, I would love to discuss the author of iBooks, and why I think removing the software is a mistake for Apple, and try to replace its functionality with pages.

Now, please let me fully explain. You can still use it (and I will). They no longer update it, and they have removed it from their store.

The look and feel of the iBooks author is extremely elegant and very well organized. This software was created for the specific purpose of creating iBooks, or for what is now known as Apple Books. Frankly, I have no problem changing the name (except that it’s re-branding a good part of my empire – it’s Apple !, lol),

This was one of the last, original projects created by Steve Jobs, and it did not take long for him to succeed. So, in that sense, Apple’s clearance was a bit of a pain.

Yes. for sure. There are many similarities between this and the pages. You can, of course, design and publish both Apple and eBooks. It is not so difficult to do so. I really like Apple’s release on the left of the thumbnail and the content you can do on the right. This is carried through many of their software, which gives a good familiarity from one program to the next.

One of the most controversial issues in iBooks Author’s Widgets panel. This does not exist in the pages. While running the gallery, you will not be able to insert key files (personally, my favorite feature), interactive images, 3D, popovers, lists, scrollbar bars, or HTML.

Being able to preview your book on an iDevice was incredibly rewarding.

This is what made this software so amazing and is a big part of what happened before its time. To the best of my knowledge, Amazon has nothing remotely comparable to date.

Apple should have sold the features better, and held classes in their stores around this software. If they were, I would not remember them.

The publishing process is also incredibly easy and simple.

That being said, Apple can help you with even the most exciting marketing tools.

Overall, I believe this was a missed opportunity and Apple should not have taken this step. And so it is, I think. Software updates are minimal (in fact, as well as updates to the current lineup of desktop software in general).

If you are looking for a software program to publish a book, before settling on one, I will definitely look at all your options. Check out what Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Adobe and anyone you can think of have to offer.

Before you buy, really study their individual toolkits to determine if it is right for you (if there is a charge for it).

Thanks for reading.

have a great day!

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