Babysitter – What are the differences?

Maybe you had a babysitter. Maybe you’re a babysitter. Did you look after any children from the neighborhood when you were in high school to make money? Did you move in with your family and become their babysitter? Some people immediately know the difference between the two concepts. Some may think they are interchangeable, but in reality they are two completely different works.

Babysitter. We probably had one when we were a young, nice girl or a boy from the street, who came regularly, when mom and dad went out and sat with us, helped us with homework, watched TV, put us to bed. As adults, we probably hired one to take care of our children when we wanted to go to dinner or the movies. They show up, hanging out with the kids, you pay them when you get home and take them home, the end of the story.

This is a babysitter. They take care of the children, look after the children, but it is usually on a specific occasion or maybe a few days after school that the parents have to work late. It is a job that a babysitter can earn some money for, but not one where there are taxes and legalities to think about. Babysitters are paid by the hour, they can do easy cleaning, but basically they are only there as senior supervisors for minors.

On the other hand, a babysitter is someone who is with children for a large part of the day. They can live with their family or just come home every day, but they are real employees of the family. They are interested in the child’s development, his physical, mental and emotional well-being and are second-class parents for their mentees.

The babysitter can take the children to and from school, for activities, for meetings. They can prepare food, help children with schoolwork, plan trips and excursions, and basically do what a parent would do if he were at home. In addition, the babysitter will be with the family for years, not just once or twice a month, as it can be a babysitter. The babysitter as such earns the real salary, not only does she get paid by the hour, as a babysitter would do, and yes, it is a profession, so we also have to go through taxes and laws.

What is best for your family depends on how often mom and dad are away from home, but each is a great person on your “parenting team.”

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