Bank Ripple – METAVERSE is the leader in FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE, October 28, 2021 / – After Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s move from a “social media company” to a “Metaverse” company, the technology world wanted to follow the trends of the metaverse and view it as the next. global revolution on the Internet.

In fact, the metauniverse has existed for a long time and is being brought up in the world of cinema and the cryptocurrency market. Today let’s learn about the GameFi Bank Ripple project, as well as about the competitiveness of Bank Ripple when applying the meta-universe trend in its project.

What is the Metaverse?
First introduced in Snow Crash, a science fiction novel by American writer Neil Stevenson, published in 1992, Metaverse is a meeting place for the physical, virtual (VR) world of augmented reality (AR), which aims to help users experience the truest experience. As the trend of NFT and games in the cryptocurrency market becomes a phenomenon, Metaverse is expected to be the next trend after Play to Earn.

The future of the metaverse
In fact, Metaverse can be created based on many different types of technologies. In a world that celebrates unlimited creativity, interaction, and decentralized freedom, like Metaverse, there are instances of endless and unrealized use to make money and live in virtual worlds.

“Everyone can trade in Metaverse, it’s a great opportunity for innovators to come up with something unique and find a niche market. You can rent your land for events, you can create wearable devices that people can buy and wear in the metaverse, you can have billboards and create games. It all depends on your imagination, ”says NFT artist Singh.

No one can accurately predict the future of the metaverse, but the importance of cryptocurrency for its development is certain.

Bank Ripple uses the potential of Metaverse
Bank Ripple is the first gaming ecosystem created and operated on Ripple. Players use their fighting skills to enjoy a realistic match and earn valuable digital assets that can be exchanged. Bank Ripple is a platform that securely and easily opens XRP payments to users. This is an open monetization platform for Ripple developers. Thanks to its ecosystem, Bank Ripple has expanded the GameFi mechanism and released its own game “Play to earn”.

In order to create the Bank Ripple platform, which includes social networking sites and employment platforms, Bank Ripple has created a strong community and created opportunities for players to participate in “play to earn” games and soon receive BRP coins.

In its roadmap, Bank Ripple outlined plans to upgrade its gaming system to virtual reality (VR Gaming) in March 2022, launching Bank Ripple Metaverse BRU / BRM / BRL in November 2022, and upgrading to Bank Ripple 2.0 in November 2023. year.

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