Beach Volleyball Training – Why change the middle sides of the game?

This article is going to fill you with some beach volleyball tips, mainly about why players switch sides in the middle of the game. Have you ever watched beach volleyball on TV and wondered why teams switched sides during the game?

Beach Volleyball is a completely different sport than indoor 6 volleyball. One obvious difference is that it plays out of the elements. So you have to consider many other factors like wind and sun. These are the two main reasons for the multiplication of sides between the 7 teams in the middle of the game. One side always has an advantage over the other, because the sun is in one group’s eyes or the wind is in favor of the other side. So to eliminate these advantages or disadvantages, the team shifts sides when the sum of the two teams’ points is added 7 or seven times.

For example, when the score is 8 to 6, the teams will switch sides. Or if the score is 14 to 14 or 14 to 0 they will switch sides to keep it all fair.

It’s not the only difference from indoor to outdoor volleyball, the whole game varies according to the rules. At beach volleyball, for example, you may not be able to open your arms, serve, set the sides over the net, or have lazy looking sets. Everything should be clean and the kit should not rotate. So they let you catch the ball a little more because you want the ball to come out clean in a sand volleyball game.

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