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How To Plan Your Business Plan 2021

The anxiety and angst of 2020 is behind us. It was a year that left its mark on thousands of businesses everywhere. Because of the pandemic, many companies modified their business strategies, re-customized and then re-read it again. Those with strong operational foundations were able to survive. They were able to adapt to the ebb… Read More »

How to Overpower Anger

If we have anger towards someone it will hurt us more than the subject of our anger. We all feel anger towards someone for one reason or another. In fact we are also still angling often. However, a good way to combat anger is to let it go. You can try to rationalize your anger… Read More »

How to Buy Private Stock

I became interested in this when I saw it on the Internet. I’m always looking for ways to make my money work for me. Bingo here was what I found to fill the bill. Make money and help the small business grow. I think I found it and now you too can join in fun… Read More »

How to Lose Abdominal Fat while Driving!

Many dieting programs out there will never share such a secret with you. They may not want you to know this simple trick because they fear they will lose a client, or they may not know any better. Fortunately for you readers seeking such information, I’m going to share this insider secret for free. Just… Read More »