Comcast – Why Rebranded?

Comcast, an American global telecommunications group, is in transition. The transition is often historic and will become a milestone in the evolution of the corporation. Comcast, the nation’s largest broadcast and cable television company, has been serving the country for the past 40 years. As we all know, Comcast is a Comcast Corporation with two primary businesses, Comcast cable and NBC universal.

Comcast Cable provides a variety of television and Internet access services to residential and business customers. NBC Universal News deals with sports cable networks and the company recently decided to rename its consumer product division as Xfinity. The transition of this chrome cast customer segment to Xfinity is one of the greatest and greatest in the history of chrome Cast Corporation. According to the company blog, the transition is to make the brand a unique identity and to stand on its own strengths rather than on the brand image of its parent company.

However, now the company feels the need for a transition and is preparing to re-brand it as Xfinity. According to many sources close to the company, this change in the brand name of the company is more familiar to the younger section of the society. As a broadcasting corporation, it needs to change from generation to generation and grow and transform accordingly. This may be the main reason for re-branding Comcast.

Of course the company does not change its brand but changes the consumer parts like TV, internet access and phone to Xfintiy. According to the company’s blog, it is changing the brand name of its consumer products to showcase its innovative capabilities and try to project differently in the market. Many people see this as a marketing strategy for the company to build their own brand image that is different from their parent company.

Comcast is a popular brand in the cable TV segment and is recognized for its brand name rather than a significant innovation in the field of television and internet access. In order to remove such intelligence from consumers and popularize its other services under the consumer segment, the company’s strategic management unit has felt the need to rename the chrome cast as Xfinity under its old brand name. .

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