Dating call back rules for women – tips to know when to call him back

Dating call back rules for women are a bit cloudy for most of us. It is really hard to know when we should call back the man in our lives. Some tell us to call him back immediately and even start many calls, while other advice warns against it. So what exactly is the right thing to do? When should you call your person back so that he can not deny you?

The most important thing in callback rules for women is to always wait for your boyfriend to call back. You do not want to wait for hours or days, but do not pick up the phone and call him again when you realize that you have missed his call. Men judge us by the way we handle the phone call issue. They may not seem interested in that aspect of the relationship, but in fact most men pay close attention. Women can easily pretend to be desperate in the same way they handle phone calls. If you are always waiting for him on the phone or you call him back as soon as you realize you missed his call, he will see you as someone who is emotionally dependent on him. You will show him that he has caught you, and we all know that men love the adventure of chasing when it comes to the woman in their life.

If so, how long do you have to wait to call him back after calling or sending him a voicemail? The answer depends on two factors. If you see his number on your phone when he calls but he has not left a voicemail, do not call him back. This is one of the most common types of callbacks that women generally overlook. If he does not leave a message, you have no reason to return his call, so do not. If he leaves a voicemail, wait at least 30 minutes to call him back. Let him believe that you are not so interested in the relationship with him, there is nothing better you can do. If you make him wait a while to ask you, he will really make you more attractive.

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