Do you remember when?

How the world has changed! Looking back on the events and items of the past years can prove to be a bit fun and sometimes even irritating. The digital age today has certainly changed our thinking and lifestyle.

When the fax machine first hit the market we were amazed at how fast we can now send important documents and messages around the world. No longer did everything have to be sent by sea or air only. Sending by fax became the miracle of the times.

Let’s take a closer look at the beginnings of the automatic washing machine. There is no need to use the old handkerchief that you have to constantly turn to remove excess water from your wash.

The clothes were dried with an antifreeze called “Konsani Dryer”. A row of reorganized wooden rails like this box ran just below the elevator lid you hung on to dry.

Then came the introduction of electric irons to remove wrinkles on clothes. This ended up being heated on those old iron stoves that weighed a ton and were heavy to lift and manage.

With the introduction of the mobile phone, our lives changed drastically. No one leaves home today without your phone. Cell phones have now become your best friend, your diary, your camera as well as the easiest way to communicate.

You no longer need to write checks or keep a check book. Accounts and purchases are paid for online, or, if purchased from a store, you scan your credit card. So easy, right? However, there is definitely a collection of cards in your wallet. From credit cards to shopping with in-store cards, there is an endless supply to satisfy.

From the events, who can remember the old trackless trams that were wired over their heads? Most of the rod came off the wire and the tram had to be stopped and the conductor had to re-wire the long pole under the belly of the tram. There were also trams running on rails at street level across the city.

In the past it was considered safe to walk alone in the evenings. Also, there was no need to bring children from school. To get home, they either took a walk or caught a bus or a train.

Then there were sweets like honey nestles, toffee apples, black and white bullshit eyes and striped candy “walking sticks”.

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