Doors – What are French Doors?

We take the door for granted, don’t we? Doors, or not usually attributed to their fair recognition … are abused, misused, disrespected and mistreated. I think most of us will agree that they are an important part of a modern home and there are many, many different types of doors.

During a home inspection, I often hear someone talking about the door as about French door. What is a French door? If you suspect that the door is not necessarily from France, you will probably be right, Yes? So what is this type of door that is so called?

When someone talks about French doors, they probably mean exterior doors, which are two-part doors that hang on both sides … that is, both sides can be opened. This type of door is sometimes referred to as a double hinge doors, but this is a very general description and often applies to interior doors.

So what makes a French door a French door? Well, the name is derived from the history of the door rather than from any modern geographical reference. The term French door has its roots as a description of an early French design called swing doors … and swing doors are now sold and sold under this type and name.

As already mentioned, French doors are usually double doors … and for which there is no center column, or a vertical dividing frame, between two doors. Both sides are equipped with independent weather insulation to prevent the ingress of elements. One or the other side is usually labeled as the active side … and this side is used for normal input and output. The other side, the inactive side, is most often kept in a closed and locked configuration. Sometimes a locking mechanism of the type called an is used Espagnolette screw; with this type of lock, the control of one lever activates the movement of a round metal bar, which engages with the receivers on the upper and lower sills of the door frame. Another partially distinguishing feature is that they often have a decorative and decorated pressed panel at the bottom.

So, the next time someone asks you if you know what a French door is, you might answer …Yes! Yes! Well thank you!

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