Do’s and Don’ts of Home Hunting

Mark Nash, author of 1001 Tips for Buying and Selling a Home, offers homebuyers fashion house runs and strikes when shopping for a home. It may not be clear what you wear when hunting for a home can affect the amount you pay for a home. Years of showing homes and introducing prospective buyers to home sellers make a big impression on how buyers project in fashion.

They have the first impression of real estate agents and home sellers when valuing potential buyers. If you wear well-fitting, less expressive and affordable clothes at home, you can pay less than the buyer with tattooed, big hair, heavy jewelry and ripped blue jeans. Same house. Buying a home is a business deal, think business attire when buying a home.


-Pants are good, but make sure they are not low runners.

– Remove T-shirt, tank and tube tops. Home hunting is not a vacation.

– The skirt is great. Humans send the wrong message.

– Wear comfortable but presentable shoes. You will do a lot of walking, climbing stairs and much more in and out of transport.

– Forget high heels. Heeled heels on shoes can easily break bamboo and other soft wood floors. And if you go to the yard to look at the roof, you can aerate the grass.

-Keep animal prints when you go to a nightclub. Busy or hectic fashion looks can be distracting and not on everyone’s best fashion list.

– Simple jewelry and limited sizes emphasize your business perspective. Give up “bling”, otherwise you will have to pay more for a house because the sellers think you can afford it.

-Simplify makeup, hair and manicure designs to appeal to the majority. You will not get a better deal because the sellers love your amazing acrylic nails.

– Never a fur coat. It’s a political and extreme statement that can cost you a house or an extra $ 10,000.

– Does not look low or revealing. Rarely do homebuyers get a discount on sex.


-Make sure that the soles of the shoes are not muddy before you enter any open house. Many home buyers never come to the kitchen after walking through a freshly cleaned carpet with dirty shoes.

– No jogging, gym-wear, bicycle shorts or swimwear. Unless you are checking out the exercise facilities in a condominium building on your second visit.

-Corporate-casual pants are best, but if you definitely want to wear jeans, make sure they are clean and not torn.

-The open-collar shirt works well, but realtors and home sellers do not want to see your buffet or any other chest or four gold necklaces.

– Think twice about playing more than one earring. If we were all the same, life would be boring.

Please do not display muscle and T-shirts and underwear elastic straps. You can enable Ms. the seller, but the seller will not appreciate it.

– Limit tattoo exposure, they are irritating, but not for everyone. Tell the girls about this.

-Wear simple patterned shirts with matching simple pants. Remember that red symbolizes power.

– Do not wear too much to impress. Keep Cufflinks and French Cufflinks at home.


-Coffee is not a “go-cup” fashion accessory. Coffee spills easily on the carpet when walking down stairs or visiting property and opening toilets and cabinets.

-Baseball caps are for bad hair days. And they send the wrong negotiation message when you buy the biggest asset you own.

– Wet umbrellas should be parked outside the front door, not on wooden floors or entry tables and chairs.

– Wear slip on shoes when visiting open houses. The owner may ask you to remove your shoes for cultural respect, bad weather, or newly installed floor coverings.

-If you do not want to remove your shoes, buy and take away blue disposable surgical shoes – or ask your agent for a pair.

-You should wear socks or socks. No sandals, period. If you are asked to remove your shoes, the owners do not need to keep your shoes on the floor.

-mobile phones. If you want to make or receive a call, go to a place where you do not disturb others in the open house. Never negotiate a home purchase contract over another real estate contract while you are visiting a home.

– Carry bicycle and motorcycle helmets with you. Ask before placing them on any surface.

– It doesn’t matter if the shorts are close to the knee. No torn or overly tight designs.

– Dress for the season. Don’t wear shorts with snow or black fur in August, even if it’s your best home hunting suit.

– Remove your sunglasses when in buildings. People expect some eye contact.

– Go easy on perfume. Many people today have allergies to it and they may be the owners of the home you love.

-Cigarettes, cigars and pipes disappear. They are not exactly a 2006 fashion or political statement.


– Need shirts, pants, shoes and socks.

– Diapers are not fashionable.

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