E-commerce upsells and cross-sales strategies that really work

Upsells And Cross-cells There is a very effective sales strategy that has been used since the beginning of these terms. Brick and mortar retailers always use it and the strategy is more effective in online stores. Why? Because of all the data and analytics, you can generate a visitor with robust algorithms that track a visitor to your e-commerce website or track the user’s activities instantly.

However, what many traders rarely forget is the fact that the better these strategies are, the better they are implemented.

Read this post to find out the best upsell and cross-cell extensions available for the top 5 e-commerce CMS solutions.

Let’s start by understanding the basics

What are upsells and cross-cells?

Upselling is an example when the seller encourages the buyer to purchase a better version of the product being reviewed or shortlisted by the buyer, whereas in cross-selling, the seller invites the buyer to view additional products in conjunction with the intended product purchase – attempting to purchase a bundle. , In turn increase the customer’s cart value.

Why upselling and cross-selling are important for e-commerce business

The answer to stupidity is to increase sales.

What really needs to be understood here is that these strategies are not for clearing your stock and getting numerous orders. This is most effective when used to help customers win by making money the most valuable for their purchases.

If done correctly, it can:

  1. Increase customer retention.
  2. Average order and customer value increase over time.
  3. Increase repeat buyers.
  4. Increase word of mouth marketing.
  5. And most importantly, increase sales

According to the marketing metrics, it is 50% easier to sell to existing customers than new ones.

It’s all about impressing your existing customers, retaining them and selling them when new customers convert into this loop.

5 tips to do it right
Whether you decide to upsell, cross-sell or both, it is important to do the right thing. Don’t use it as a sales generating tool, instead use it to give customers the best experiences.

Customers will only be disappointed if you unnecessarily pitch numerous options or combinations to increase the number of steps they take to purchase a product. However, they will be really impressed if you analyze their buying patterns / interests and recommend something they may have missed.

Graham Norton “Editor in Chief for Consultancy” effectively summarized in his blog post how Godaddy and VistaPrint spoiled their checkout with upsells and cross-sales by introducing 10 steps of upselling and cross-selling before the customer actually investigates.

Follow these 5 thumb rules before setting up upsells or cross-cells:

  1. Offer upsells or cross-sales that are real and meaningful when they appear. For example, if a customer is thinking of buying a new mobile phone, screen guard / phone case cross-selling may be a good idea. On the other hand, if a customer finds a mobile phone in the 500 price range and adds a phone with the old hardware configuration to the cart, you can upsell a better phone. The idea should be to provide a better customer experience through which the customer can see rather than cheap recommendations.
  2. Set up customer individuals to perform related suggestions. This allows you to categorize your audience into different personality categories and then forward suggestions based on that. Upselling and cross-selling will never work without pre-analyzed facts.
  3. Always add some context when upselling or cross-selling by adding a short 1-2 line description of the reason for your suggestion. This establishes a sense of customer acceptance that you understand your website is what the customer wants and is helping them make better purchases.
  4. Most often use cross-cell techniques on the check-out page to recommend a bundle purchase. This allows Impulse to take advantage of the purchase. On the other hand, suggest Upsell before the customer chooses a product as this will not spoil the customer’s experience of removing the product from the cart and then adding a new one.
  5. Always keep the final price below 25% of the customer’s original cart value. Studies suggest that if the final cart value, including upselling or cross-cell product, exceeds 25% of the original cart value, the customer will either ignore the instructions or simply leave his cart.

Use this extension for top 4 e-commerce CMS solutions:

  1. Automatic related products from Magento – Majeplaza ($ 199-lifetime license)

While Magento (one of the best e-commerce CMS on the market) already has the option to manually set up upsells and cross-sales, Mageplaza’s Automatic Related Product Extension takes it one step further by using pre-set rules to establish relationships between display. Is. Products and related items. The ability to set unlimited rules for each product makes this an essential extension for your store if you are looking for a self-developed product recommendation engine.

  1. Product upsell from Shopify – BOLD APPS ($ 9.99- $ 59.99 / month)

Product Upsell is one of the most successful Shopify applications for setting up upsiles in the Shopify website. With over 500 reviews, this app is packed with features and allows you to set up relevant upsell offers and add-on products based on customer’s shopping cart content, total cart value or even combination.

  1. WooCommerce – Beekeeping Automated Marketing Suite (Free)

With 3000+ active downloads and over 238 positive ratings, Beekting is a complete marketing automation suite that lets you set up relevant upsells and cross-sales items for each product. In addition, the plugin allows you to set up sales gamification, last step upsell and smart auto recommendation functionality to give you the best customer experience.

  1. BigCommerce – Unlimited Upsell by Unlimited Upsell (Free – $ 59.95)

8Upsells is a team dedicated to delivering upsell and cross-cell solutions. Their BigCommerce Aden is a gem for merchants. Easy to setup, offers unlimited upsells including various promotions depending on different conditions. With over 60+ positive reviews, there is no doubt that this extension is a great hit in the BigCommerce community.


E-commerce stores are always operated with the objective of increasing sales and orders. With individual recommendations tailored to customer needs, you can increase your revenue and generate more customers and provide a better experience. Set up a robust technological backend with the best e-commerce website developers in India to effectively manage your customers and sales.

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