Facebook changes its name to Meta to reflect the focus of the Metaverse

The whistleblower and Facebook newspapers may have put the king of social media in a difficult position, but that did not stop him from moving towards the goal of the metaverse, according to Zuckerberg’s vision. Despite the fact that Facebook is embroiled in serious controversy, Facebook is now changing its name to Meta to reflect its focus on the Meta Universe, which has been discussed for several weeks.

That’s right, the company will no longer be known as Facebook, but will take on the mantle of the Goal. The company also unveiled a new logo at its headquarters in Menlo Park, replacing its old “Like” logo with a blue infinity shape.

“From now on, we will be the first metaworld, not Facebook,” Zuckerberg told Connect’s annual conference on Thursday. “Our brand is so closely linked to one product that it cannot reflect everything we do today, let alone the future.” This seems to be the first step in the company’s transition from a social media company to a meta-universe company, as Zuckerberg said earlier.

The company will continue trading under the MVRS symbol. The name “Purpose” comes from the Greek word meaning “outside.” “For me, it symbolizes that there is always more to create, and there is always the next chapter in history,” Zuckerberg said, adding that the next platform and environment will be more immersive and embodied on the Internet, where you are in the experience. , not just a look at it, and we call it the metaverse.

You may ask, what happens to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, which are owned by the company and used by millions around the world? They will continue to retain their name and functions as they do now, but they will be in their own segment, the application family, while the other segment will include Facebook Reality Labs and host AR and VR products. .

Critics say it’s a way for Facebook to divert attention from the heat it now faces.

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