Facebook is developing a watch “Meta”, continuing the rebranding of the metaverse, according to hidden images

Facebook’s smartwatch seems to have been discovered by images found in its own app.

According to Bloomberg, which was the first to report the discovery, the icons in an app designed for smart glasses, launched in partnership with Ray Ban, show a watch with a camera.

The watch is only identified as “Milan” in the program code, and it doesn’t say much about the watch itself.

The image appears to show the front camera, however, hidden in a recess next to the screen.

Rumor has it that Facebook has long been working on a watch that can track people’s health and allow them to exchange messages with each other.

(Bloomberg / Facebook)

The Verge reports that Facebook is also working on a watch that will have a removable camera ready for photography. It is unclear whether the new rumors and images relate to the same watch.

No watch has ever hit the market, although previous rumors have suggested that a watch may appear next summer.

It is also unclear how the watch affects Facebook’s plans for the metacosm and the recently announced rebranding of the company, which will be known as Meta.

Facebook has made it clear that it sees Ray-Ban glasses as the beginning of a plan to create much smarter glasses in the future, as part of its approach to augmented and virtual reality. But it can also only be a consequence of the fact that this is another wearable technology being developed by Facebook.

Zuckerberg suggested that the wrist – if not the watch – could play a key role in his plans for the metaverse. In an interview with Ben Thompson of Stratechery, he said that “one of the deadly cases of use” will allow people to send messages when talking to others, so as to use muscle sensors on the wrist.

“I think for augmented reality, for example, one of the killer uses would be basically you have glasses and something like [muscle-sensing technology] EMG on your wrist and you will be able to lead a chain of messages when you are in the middle of a meeting or doing something else and no one else will even notice.

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