Facebook is investing millions in a user-created meta universe, but it doesn’t exist yet


Facebook is trying to expand its user-created meta universe with a new fund.


Facebook plans to turn itself into a social network metapoemsor 3D social game spaces. This has not yet happened, although the company has created a new one business group metaverse and an desktop in beta for him Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. What are the next steps? It looks like more funding and an attempt to attract more authors.

In the run-up to Facebook Connect’s developer conference later this month, Facebook recently announced a $ 10 million creators’ fund to attract early users of its creative meta-universe tools, creating space for productivity, games and worlds for the still-unfinished Horizon. . The Worlds app.

Horizon Worlds, formerly known Facebook Horizon, looks like a creative platform similar to existing popular social / meta-global spaces such as Altspace VR, VRChat and Rec Room. But Horizon Worlds does it with Facebook apps. Facebook plans to fund creators through open contests or app-based acceleration and funding programs.

This experience is also aimed at creating payment structures under which performers could receive tips or pay for microtransactions worldwide. “I personally hope that we will be able to connect some of these threads in the family of Facebook applications, where creators not only with Instagram or Facebook, but also with Horizon become a subject where there is a whole economy and related to it, Vivek Sharma, who previously worked at Facebook Gaming and is now part of the Facebook meta-universe group, told me in a conversation via Zoom. Sharma sees the fund as necessary now, but points out where Horizon’s metacosm can go by tipping live broadcasts as a source of income for future performers, offering things like entry fees or experience payouts like what Facebook wants to build. further.

But now it’s not in Horizon Worlds. In fact, the meta-universe Facebook that created is for the most part very similar to other social meta-universes, with the added benefits of in-app creation / coding tools. In 2019 and 2020, I already had Facebook Horizon demonstrations. My latest demo shows how the layout of the program has changed: there is now a tabbed menu for viewing different user worlds or finding games to play. Like VR social spaces (Altspace VR, VRChat), Horizon Worlds has a portal door that connects you to other spaces.

I tried a game called Shop Shop, which involved finding ingredients and feeding them into a suction tube, which reminded me of some things I had tried in the living room. I also saw the main room of the World Tours Horizon Worlds, which showcased some public spaces where one creator, OcuLos410, was showing me around as we jumped on a moving tram in the open air. Another space was a user-created meditation room (Garden Gate Meditation, by Flutt3r), with cartoon fish swimming in a koi pond, where the creator’s voice could play on demand to lead the session. The third experience, which was located in several large rooms, was a type of quest room located in a giant house (A Different Escape by Ashes2Ashes), where I jumped around to find clues and fragments of history.

It still doesn’t look like Horizon Worlds will open to the public any time soon, but Facebook may well begin experimenting with concerts and events at Worlds that have links to invitations displayed elsewhere. At the moment, Horizon Worlds seems to have space constraints on the number of people they can visit at one time, but like Facebook’s Venues app for video events, Horizon Worlds may eventually become an interactive hub for performances. and even a theatrical / game experience. All indications are that Worlds will continue to unfold slowly in parts, and over time, more and more people will be given access. But how and when?

It’s the middle of the week for Facebook associated with global outages and an growing self-doubt there is also the biggest question in the company’s large-scale intentions: do people want their metaverses to live on Facebook, or somewhere else?

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