Facebook managers are teasing the prototype VR equipment with new photos

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s virtual reality manager and future CTO Andrew Bosworth (or “Boz”) are playing with a prototype of VR (or AR) technology and want to demonstrate that. Both executives posted their photos wearing prototype headsets and linking concepts to Facebook’s work on the metaverse. While the headsets they wear do not in any way guarantee that they will become real retail products, this is an interesting look at what is happening in Facebook’s virtual reality lab.

The headset worn by Zuckerberg is similar to the Oculus headset. However, he defines this as “retina resolution”, borrowing the phrase Apple for screens with such a high pixel density that you can’t distinguish individual dots at normal working distances. The headsets Boz demonstrates have a more intriguing design – frankly, similar to the drawings and descriptions of Apple’s VR headset, according to rumors. The other looks as if he has either a very large belt or a cap that holds him on his head, along with a wire sticking out of fiction.

Apart from Zuckerberg’s vague comment about the “retina”, there are mostly no details about what kind of headsets they are, what they are capable of, or even if they are just non-functional design layouts.

This is probably to be expected, given that this is not a product ad from Facebook. Although the company has released a pair of smart (and screenless) Ray Bans, which it called a step towards “full-fledged augmented reality glasses”, Facebook’s virtual reality lab is also teasing many prototypes that are unlikely to achieve. market. These include things like a monstrous headset with eye projection, Aria AR research-focused glasses, and a set of VR glasses to confirm the concept (which show you the virtual world instead of complementing the real one). Bose and Zuckerberg seem to be selling their concept of a metaverse, which the company claims is a virtual world that could be a next version of the Internet than a Hawking headset. If you want to dive deep into what that means, check out a great explanation from my colleagues.

Speaking of experimental headsets, HTC was preparing to announce its Vive Flow headset, and one of its managers cheerfully answered Bose to ask if he was ready to exchange a prototype headset for one hot headset from the factory. Boz turned down the offer.

Updated October 14, 19:50 Eastern Time: Added a second prototype post from Boz and updated information about HTC Vive Flow.

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