Facebook wants to create an ambitious “metaworld”, but it is full of problems

Facebook intends to invest $ 50 million to create a “metaverse” – a digital world in which people can use devices to exist and communicate in a virtual environment, bypassing the current line between digital and physical..

To do this, the company works with several organizations to make the metaworld real. For many years, Facebook has invested heavily in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Now the sum of all technological development seems to be approaching its peak with the metauniverse.

Meta universe of FacebookReuters

Facebook has announced that meta-universe technologies will be designed to be inclusive and empowering, and new XR programs and a research foundation will support development for two years.

Can we trust Facebook, the same company that has been accused of neglecting the security and privacy of users for years? Well, the company says it intends to work with experts in four key areas, including data security and privacy. In essence, Facebook wants users to be able to seek help if they see something controversial in Facebook’s metaworld.

It seems that Facebook thinks about the metauniverse in advance. The platform claims that it is not only inclusive and accessible to all, but also wants to “encourage competition” in the digital poetry industry.

What is the metaverse?

The metaverse created by Neil Stevenson in the 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash is a mix of the physical, the virtual, and the expanded in the online space. In essence, think of the metaverse as social media 2.0. It is more interactive, exciting and responsive than the phone screen.

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Metaverse is not just a Facebook product. In fact, as soon as its first version is released, other companies are expected to join the meta universe, allowing them to move freely between platforms to do what they want.

Meta universe of FacebookAFP

Even then, the 3D version of social media sounds like a big challenge – in terms of content management and security. The risks in three-dimensional space will, of course, be higher because of its possibility of immersion.

Zuckerberg doesn’t seem to care, in fact, in a conversation with The Verge, he named the metaverse as the closest to teleportation.

Moderation is a key challenge

Facebook has recently faced significant influence from countries that believe that the platform is not enough to eliminate misinformation, but instead allows such thoughts to grow on the platform. More recently, internal documents have been leaked showing the impact of Instagram on teenage girls, where it has been shown that the platform owned by Facebook causes problems with body image among teenagers.

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Meta universe of FacebookReuters

This Thursday, the head of Facebook will appear before the US Senate to show how the platform affects the mental health of its young users.

The first partners for Facebook’s meta-universe foundation are Howard University, which will assess diversity in the IT industry and how these lessons can be used to create a diverse meta-universe. Seoul National University, along with the University of Hong Kong, will evaluate safety, ethics and design, according to Facebook, according to Reuters.

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