Golden Retriever Puppies – 5 Things to Look For When Buying a Puppy

The Golden Retriever is such a popular choice for puppy breeding versatility. Whether you are looking for an assistant dog, a service dog or a hunting professional, there are breeders who can help guide you to the right puppy. In the end no one wants to invest time and money on the right pet dog – so how do you know when you have found the right dog?

Each breed of dog has both essential and less desirable traits. Knowing the AKC guidelines will help you ask the right questions, and finding a professional trainer will make it easier to own a puppy. What do you need to know when looking for the right dog?

What to look for when buying a Golden Retriever puppy

By choosing Golden Retriever puppies you can provide an intelligent, loving, lifelong companion. By carefully choosing a reputable breeder and choosing your puppy carefully, you can be assured that you will have many good years to spend with your new dog.

Finding the right breeder

When buying any puppy, it is important to do research on your breed. Ask what is in the contract, whether the puppies are certified against health defects, and how many puppies the mother has bred. You will also want socialized puppies. It is best to buy directly from a breeder rather than through a pet store as you can see parents and home.

What gender

The question every new parent asks is – is it a boy or a girl? The same goes for the new Golden Retriever. Nature may vary slightly between men and women but in the end it will be personal preferences.

Males can be slightly larger than females. If this is a factor, you will want to choose according to the size you have grown.

If you intend to breed your Golden, then you can set up on a female. If so, then you must ensure that your contract gives you the right to breed your dog so that you can register the Golden Retriever puppies. AKC is strict about breeding criteria, so you should make sure you are not surprised when you are ready to sell puppies.


Golden Retriever puppies are often born with a slightly lighter color. They range from cream to gold. The best way to find out the adult color of a puppy is to examine the ears. This is a very good indicator of mature color.


Your new puppy should be healthy when you bring him / her home. How do you test this?

Breeders have guarantees on the hips, eyes and heart. These are important health clearances, but you will also want to look into parenting issues with allergies. This breed is prone to hot spots and skin problems. Ask back two generations when considering a puppy.

Other health problems include fleas, clear eyes and discharge from the eyes or nose. You want to make sure you don’t have a sheet on the coat and that your puppy is fat – but not fat. There may be too many round worms.


When you go to the Golden Retriever puppies, choose one that allows you to hold it without any sign of aggression or distance. Goldfish should be alarmed when they see people, and will even run to greet you. The strength of each puppy also varies.

Golden are hunters by breed, so if you want a puppy that is your hunting companion, check them out before you buy. Take a duck tail and try to respond to the puppies. The most enthusiastic person may even want to bring your toy back to you. This is what you need if you choose a hunting dog.

The Golden Retriever puppies are an amazing, beautiful and intelligent dog. Choosing the right puppy will help you enjoy your dog for years to come.

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