Green Certificate: What are its benefits?

Are you considering obtaining a green certification for your property? Do you think it’s worth it? Have you thought about the benefits or benefits it can give you? How would you like to be among the 79% of property owners who are expected to build green properties by 2018? If you answered Yes These questions, read the rest of the article and learn the benefits of getting a green certification for your property.

  • Reduced operating costs: High operating costs always burden the pockets of property owners. And believing that property ownership is something that can help shape a person’s future; reducing operating costs can clearly help you save more. There are many studies that support the fact that green buildings are known to have a payback period of approximately seven to eight years, depending on the type of improvements made in terms of energy efficiency, sustainability and aesthetics. According to one study, operating costs can be reduced by up to 13%. And if the landlord converts his property for rent, he can make a higher profit from the margin by charging a premium rent compared to competitors who do not have green certification.
  • Reduced vacancy rate: Homeowners who want to secure the future of their children are likely to choose to convert their homes into rental properties. And thanks to green renovations, there is an increased chance that the property will always be rented. Tenants are also likely to renew their leases due to the benefits they experienced in the first months of the lease. Again, studies show that the vacancy rate for green buildings is lower. They are 4% lower compared to renting properties that do not have green certification.
  • Increased investor interest: Green buildings show consistently high energy efficiency scores. They also show a consistently high retention rate of tenants, which causes investors to approach them. In such a case, if the investor wants to add your property to his portfolio, it will be an immediate proof of his company’s commitment to sustainability. It gives them a point for shareholders who are always looking for ways in which the company in which they invest has social responsibility. Therefore, make sure that your property receives green certification. It’s proof of more than just the features you’ll boast of being green!
  • Avoid the green wash label. The term green washing is closely linked to green buildings. This term refers to marking a building as green, when in fact it is not. It is a direct manifestation of lying to clients. When proven, it can cause headaches to the landlord and property manager. But if you have a green certification, you will immediately get rid of this mark and you will not be so marked because you have proof.
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