Highlighting the top 5 beliefs about VoIP service providers

It’s amazing to think about the changes we’ve experienced with communication systems in such a short time. The months it used to take in a stamped letter now take seconds with the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger. Unfortunately, like most things people get in touch with, there must be some critics.

VoIP has repeatedly proven that while it offers obvious benefits in terms of business communications, VoIP service providers have a bad reputation that has prevented businesses from experiencing its huge benefits. Some will say that this is due to fear of strangers or due to a common misunderstanding of technology.

It is time to turn this fear of the unknown into growth! That’s why we’re here to dispel 5 common misconceptions about VoIP.

  • Small businesses cannot benefit

This is an unfortunate myth because it prevents many small business owners from pursuing a resource that could ultimately save them time and money. We’re not talking about a little money every month, either; Some businesses see 30% -60% savings in annual costs! While large enterprises have successfully managed to rely on VoIP service providers, small businesses will actually benefit the most! When you’re on the run with tight budgets and scarce resources, consider VoIP service providers who can offer valuable business communication tools such as auto attendant, call logging, customized caller menus and more.

  • Unreliability

You can’t run a business without an internet connection, would you? Of course not. How will you receive emails, keep in touch with research competitors and colleagues around the lake? Many VoIP rejecters oppose the technology because it is seen as an unreliable resource when in fact, it is as reliable as your internet connection. In fact, if you already have an internet connection in your business, then you are ready to start using VoIP. When it comes to dropped calls, call continuity is there to make sure you never miss a chance.

  • Call quality suffers

This may be true in previous PBX days, but as businesses evolve and improve over time, VoIP has seen significant improvements since its inception. With a wide range of frequencies for traveling through voice data, congestion is less frequent and adding high-speed internet connection will improve call quality.

  • High cost

Gone are the days when you had to spend a fortune to add another line of service or expand on locations. These days, VoIP service providers have made it easy to expand your team and business locations without compromising your budget. Most VoIP service providers offer different levels for the type of services your business currently seeks, which saves you money by providing you with the absolute necessities and no extras. VoIP is actually a more cost effective telephony method; Maybe that’s why millions of businesses already rely on VoIP service providers for their communication strategies.

  • Installation and maintenance is a headache

When you think of a business phone system, you can imagine a server that needs to be stored in a closet and maintained by highly trained (and valuable) IT staff. Fortunately, clumsy tools are not required when implementing VoIP phone service. Most VoIP service providers offer remote provisioning with their hardware for quick and easy setup. If you decide to buy a phone with the service, all you have to do is connect the phone to the appropriate ports and watch your phone start up. Within 10 minutes, you can work with your new office phone; No cables or heavy equipment required. For maintenance, most VoIP service providers have their own IT staff who are responsible for handling software updates.

Renew your trust in VoIP providers

Taking the first step toward a business you previously considered bad can be scary; But if you know someone who is currently using VoIP, ask them about their experiences. What did they like? How did it help his business? If possible, start a trial period and see for yourself if VoIP is really living up to its hype. Once you’ve become familiar with the many ways VoIP providers can have a positive impact on your business, you’ll wonder why not switch early.

So what should you do when you decide that VoIP is right for your business?

Choosing between business VoIP providers
We have established that business VoIP providers benefit businesses of all sizes. If you have a small business to save cost and time, there is a waiting to find a practical communication technology.

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