Honeymoon Guide: What is important to consider when booking a cruise?

After the wedding and reception, it’s time for a honeymoon – and a cruise. Whether you want to go out to sea for a few days or explore the world, honeymoon cruises can be very romantic and fun. Why stay at a resort on an exotic island when you can visit multiple islands? Or take a nap directly on the deck overlooking the ocean? The cruise ships themselves are full of countless activities for the newlyweds.

Before you board a boat, here are a few things to consider when choosing a wedding cruise:


Think about what you want as an individual as well as with your partner as a couple. Choose an itinerary that includes activities that will interest you both. At the same time, you may want some “me” time here and there. If you want to spend most of your time on the boat and do not want to leave it, it is useless to pay for any trips and tours in the capitals.

Goal (s)

Make sure there are places in the itinerary that are synonymous with “romantic”: Cabo San Lucas, Maui, Half Moon Cay, Bermuda, Yucatan, etc. An Alaskan cruise can also be very romantic because there are many beautiful sights. Make a list of places you would both like to see during your honeymoon, and check out the various cruise routes until you find the ones you both want.

Make sure you get a nice apartment

A standard cabin may be fine for a normal voyage, but not for honeymoons. Don’t be afraid to spend money on an apartment on a cruise ship, just as you would like to spend money on a luxury bridal suite in a four- or five-star hotel. The benefits vary from cruise ship to cruise ship, but you can always count on the best experience possible on any particular ship.


Loneliness is key when it comes to honeymoon cruises. The trip should be focused only on the two of you. Look for a cruise ship that has adult-only spaces such as sun decks and swimming pools. You should also look at amenities such as secluded hot tubs and upholstered comfortable lounges for just two. Make sure the cruise ship you are considering has special restricted areas. If nothing else, you may want to rent a cottage by the main pool.

Don’t rush into your decision. Keep these factors in mind when looking at itineraries for wedding cruises and you will definitely find a lot.

Not all cruise packages are the same, so look carefully at the offers of wedding cruises to find out which one offers exactly what you are looking for. Use online coupons to help you save extra money not only on the cruise itself, but also on airfare.

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