How To Attract A New Car The Easy Way

Are you wondering if you will ever drive the car of your dreams?

You may not have enough money to buy the car you really want or perhaps the car you drive now is ready to be traded in.

Whatever the case, once you follow this simple visualization technique, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you reprogram yourself to attract a new car effortlessly, and not just any car, but the one you really want.

For this technique to work, you need to take a few small preparation steps.

If you want a new car, then you need to go to your local dealer and test drive it. Make sure you choose the car that is the right color and has the exact benefits you want. If possible, take photos and even video of it with you in it. While you are sitting in the driver’s seat, take a picture of the dashboard with your hands on the wheel. Take as many pictures of the interior as you can from the angle of you in the driver’s seat.

Also, pick up a booklet from your dealer detailing that particular make, car model. If you can’t find one at the dealer, hop on the manufacturer’s website, almost all motoring manufacturers have a website and offer sales brochures for each model they produce.

Alright, that’s the preparation part. You have your photos / video and your brochure.

Now all you need is a notebook and pen and 30 days. Follow these steps every day for the next 30 days and DO drive that car in no time.

1. Write a Specific Statement showing ownership and gratitude for your car. Something like this … “I’m grateful for my Chrysler 300 C Silver with Moonroof, leather, all-wheel drive and Hemi engine.” Simply replace your car details. But make sure you start the statement with a word of thanks.

2. Now, create a written paragraph that has statements of support … “I support myself driving a Chrysler 300 C.” “My family supports me to drive Silver Chrysler 300” “God (the universe) supports me to drive Silver Chrysler 300C.” Reprogramming your thoughts towards consent or support from everyone else including yourself is essential to highlight any desired outcome.

3. Write your story of what life will be like as you drive your New Chrysler 300C. How will you feel, where will you go with your new car? Be specific and also refer to your photos / video at this time. Include things like “the sun feels so good to me as I drive my 300C Silver Curler on warm days.” Your story should be at least 3 paragraphs long. Over the 30 days, you should see your story evolve into a very specific account of what it will be like when you drive this car. You will be amazed at how much longer the story gets each day as you reprogram your thoughts and subconscious to attract this car.

4. Finish each day writing with a Thanksgiving paragraph. “thank God for my new Chrysler 300c.” “I’m so grateful for my journey to work in my new Chrysler 300 C.” and so on.

If you follow these simple steps you will be amazed at how quickly that new car will show up to your left. A word of caution, you have to do this with failing for 30 days because that is about how long it takes to reprogram your thoughts and attract a new car quickly. It’s simple, make the commitment to do this starting today.

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