How To Be Killing A Lady – 10 Tips For Every Guy On How To Be A Killing Lady

Whether you are a man in need of a serious relationship or one who just wants a date, there are some basic dating rules that you must follow to become a dashing female killer. This article will show you ten sure tips you need to know in order to be a female killer.

1: LOOKING GOOD: Obviously, even before you find out, you should definitely know that you need to look good to attract a woman to yourself! You need to have decent clothes and shoes for yourself. Women love men who have nice shoes and clothes on them. They do not necessarily need to be expensive. Get clothes that will make you look good, attractive and attractive.

2: HAVE YOUR HAIR AND WORDS MADE: No woman wants a good-looking man. You should never leave your hair or beard untidy. If you do this, you’re avoiding your chances of having a woman for yourself! Make sure your hair is well groomed, have a clean shave or a well-shaved shave and looks attractive. Smell nice and you’ll attract beautiful girls!

3: GETTING JOB: I’m not saying you have to get a job at an international company before you can be a killer woman. But no woman wants a man who is unemployed or who will be a liability. If you don’t have a job, how do you plan to look after it? Just get a job that pays you and go for that woman you want!

4: BE ATTENTION TO ENVIRONMENTAL EVENTS: Women as men who know how in society and the world at large. Update your knowledge of current affairs; watch the news regularly, read newspapers and current affairs magazines regularly. You need to show your daughter that you are very familiar with events around your society and the world at large! Women as men possess this quality.

5: Reduce your bad drinking habit: Why on earth should you spend five nights in a bar? You will never have a woman of your choice in this way. Okay, you need to drink to get the body going, but does it have to be regular and always at the bar? If you’re into the habit of drinking your heart out with your folks, it’s time to eliminate or reduce the habit!

6: Don’t be a fan of sports: No one says you shouldn’t love football, basketball, golf, tennis or whatever sport you love, but it shouldn’t take all your time to shout loud! Do you need to tattoo your favorite players on your arm, chest or back because you’re a fan? Lower your fanatic level of loving sports and have that woman of your choice!

7: Toning your manners: Courtesy and manners are traits that women notice in men. When getting in the car, open the door for her and allow her in first, things like these get girls to fall for boys easily. Treat that woman with respect and gentle words. Be familiar with fashion trends, jewelry, flowers and how to eat in a top restaurant. Don’t do all the talking, talk a little bit and allow her to talk too. Girls like to express their feelings, so let her do the talking too!

8: Listening and talking less: Never turn your date into a one-man show. You do not have to do the talking on your own as he said earlier. You will steal it quickly and may jeopardize your chances. Talk a little, let her talk and listen to what she has to say. Remember what she said is her favorite color, her favorite artiste and things like that. Women like men who remember things about them!

9: Stop smoking right now !!!

10: Fixing your dance steps: Okay, I assume you don’t know how to dance, but just roll to the rhythm. Women love to dance and if you let her do the dancing on your own, you’re like a creature that doesn’t exist for her. Dancing for girls is like body food. It allows you to get closer to her, it’s a romantic way to show your love for her and she talks more than you can ever tell.

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