How to “Cook” Ramen Noodles Without Heat

Most people think you need hot water to cook Ramen noodles. For years now, I’ve eaten Ramen noodles on camping trips, car trips, and several other times when I’ve been away from a heat source.

Ramen noodles usually take 3 minutes to cook. The instructions say that you simply add the noodle pack into at least two cups of boiling water, and be ready to eat within 3 minutes.

For Ramen noodles to be “cooked”, they need to fully absorb the water until soft. Heating helps to facilitate this process, but by no means is it absolutely necessary. Ramen noodles can absorb cold water just as easily as hot water. The main difference is that it takes longer. Here is a short guide to help you cook your Ramen noodles with no heat:

1. Find a container that holds at least 12 or 16 ounces of water.
2. Empty the pack of noodles into the container
3. Fill the container with cold water
4. Wait 30 minutes
5. Mix the seasonings
6. Enjoy!

There we are. Quite simple, right? I have found that 30 minutes is a good time for the noodles to become completely soft. Sometimes, I might wait up to an hour. The length of time can vary depending on water temperature. If it is extremely cold, it will take longer than if it were lukewarm. Check on it from time to time if you are in a hurry.

Of course, this whole approach assumes that you don’t mind eating cold noodles, but I have found that they are just as delicious when cold as when they are hot.

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