How to Flour Calf

Somewhere along the line of your cowboy career you will undoubtedly be asked to calve. This may be the kind of sidewalk you see calf ropers doing in rodeos, or it could be on either side of a calf that has been a drug at the back foot. There’s calf side art, and we’ll explore that art here.

The main factors in siding are balance and timing. A weightlifter may find it more difficult to sow a calf than a small person with balance and timing. However, in practice, the weightlifter can do that as well. A big calf can be thrown down with little strength, if your timing and balance work together.

A non-rope calf can be gestured, but for the sake of this article, let’s assume that a calf is your drug with a rope attached to its head or heels. Like calf ropers, if the calf is held by the head you run up the side of the calf and drag one hand over the far back quarters, gripping the flank or fleshy section between legs the back and belly of the calf. If you are right-handed, this is your right hand. With your other hand hold the rope up near the calf’s head.

This is where balance and timing come into play. If the calf is large it needs to work with its momentum. Wait until his feet get off the ground. They usually jump and wriggle against the rope. When their feet leave the ground, get up with both hands and bend them down on the ground. Grab his front leg and pull towards yourself. This will gain control of him as you place your knee against his body to hold him down. You’ve stereotyped a calf!

A calf drug usually needs two people at the feet. This practice is used in most cattle ranches in branding and medicine. With one person on either side of the rope, approach the calf, one catching the tail, while the other holds the rope near the hind legs. Pulling in unison in different directions causes the calf to be thrown over on its side, at which point the person who had the rope usually runs to the front of the calf and pulls up on the front leg upper, while the other person grabs the rear leg top and pulls it out, placing one foot against the other back leg. Both people hold the calf down while whatever procedure is required.

Some may feel this is inhuman, but the reality is that most calf sides are made for the benefit of the calf. If medical treatment is needed, then flossing is the most humane way to work on calves, keeping him and the cowboy safe from harm.

I hope these tips on the sides of a calf helped. In practice, you will become proficient at swallowing.

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