How To Get Rid Of The Stink Bug Scent

Getting rid of that smelly bug smell once it’s wearing your clothes, the carpet or any rugs on the floor, any fabric items in your house, or even on your skin can be quite a challenge. The smell that this particular species of insect emit can be quite potent and at the same time messy.

Smell a Stink Bug On Your Clothes Or On Fabric
Once the scent wears on your clothes or any kind of fabric material, it’s a simple matter to throw them into the washing machine and use a good quality laundry detergent. That should be enough to do the trick.

If the item needs a little more delicate handling or is too big to fit in your washing machine, as a bed comforter, or a professional suit, you may want to take it to the dry cleaners.

Removing the smell smell bug in the scenarios above is pretty straightforward and is no brainer.

Stink bug stink on your skin
But what if it’s on your skin? Many people have reported that the foul smelling odor of a smell will not go away with soap and water, as they might. That does not seem to be sufficient.

In that case, what should you do?

While there is no textbook solution, there are many types of “home remedy” solutions that many people have shared in various online discussion forums. For example, it sweats by using acidic solutions such as that found in tomato juice or lemon juice. Basically, you are washing the affected area with these juices. The acidic composition of the juice will usually permeate the skin, neutralize and remove the stubborn molecules of the smell that cause odor.

Stink stink stink on furniture or on the walls
You can use an aerospace air freshener to hide the smell of a smell in rooms where it has become common, although this will not permanently remove the source of the smell. If you happen to know what surface (s) the stink bugs were on when they released their trademark odor, then it may be possible to clean the surface and clean it from the chemicals n causes odor that may be saturated.

As for cleaning furniture or walls, you should resort to using whatever cleaning agents you might otherwise have used for anything else. Any high-intensity cleaning agent for fabric upholstery will do it on furniture. Any chemical cleaning agent designed for cleaning wood, steel or plastic will do the job properly.

So, sorry folks, if you were to come here looking for some kind of exotic solution. Although the smell may be quite pungent, it is not something that cannot be overcome with modern home cleaning technology today.

The good news is that the chemicals released by stink bugs that cause the smell are not toxic in any way. They are just annoying. (Although for many people, the smell happens much like the smell of the herbs known as cilantro.)

If you are having a hard time finding out how to get rid of that stubborn smell, then you should really make sure you use a very intense dose of whatever cleaning agent you use, and your that you scour it thoroughly. Sometimes it can take several tries to get the scent out, but it will eventually.

And in the worst case scenario, you can resort to (or supplement with) using a room air freshener or scented candles to hide the smell.

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