How to Get the Best Key for Maintenance

Seek forgiveness from God, repent with serious thought.
Always keep piety, life will be easy for you, plenty of food will come up on your doorstep.
Depending and hoping from God alone, He does all things without anyone’s consent.
Be among the worshipers of God, and do whatever the creator wants.
Go to Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Umra exercise, if you are Muslim, go to Jerusalem, if you are Christian.
Join in the family relationships, sustenance will spread to you, God willing.
Spend too much in charity, the more you spend, the more you’ll have. at least 10% of your earnings, and 1/40 of your total cash by the end of the year.
Spend and support an education that will bring people close to God. Faith education is the way out, because the world is unruly and non-transferable to 83% of the world’s president today.
Help the needy and the poor, because they are enriched by Almighty God, don’t say they don’t work or don’t know how to work.
Move out in God’s path, to Dave’s people of mass disaster in today’s world, see Bill Gates and others, you must give back to the community on a daily basis.
Do not doubt, subsistence will flow to you extensively. You obeyed the law of love and the attraction of worldly benefits.
Nine things will give you daily benefits:
1. If you seek happiness: Offer prayers on time.
2. If you want a light on your face:
Get up to pray at night.
3. If you want stillness and peace: Recite the Qur’an slowly and carefully.
4. If you seek health: Fast
5. If you seek inner joy: Continue with repentance.
6. If you want to be free from sadness: Keep praying.
7. If you want violence to disappear, say: No things and power change except with God.
8. If you seek abundance:
Saying praises and greetings to the most influential man, the Holy Prophet (may peace be upon him) and virtuous family and associates.
9. If you want to do good without getting tired: Don’t keep this message to yourself. Let your loved ones benefit from this as well.
God is with those who are with Him and contemplating His commandments.
God loves those who love him. It is also good to make prayers., Before sleeping then follow through affirmation, then sleep. And repeat the statements after waking up 5:00 am
Note: Never hide any knowledge that you will be rewarded with goodness and admiration.
Let this information move around the world.
There are a few important lessons (from the ways of a prophet) that we must follow:
Always tell the truth, even if you think it will harm you, because it will really save you in the long run.
Never lie, even if you think it will save you, because it will surely destroy you.
Protect your sister’s or brother’s honor if it is tainted.
Rush to share good news and delay sharing bad news (if you share it at all).
Don’t give up and get wrong. Instead, give and leave something for yourself and your family.
Reward those who do you good.
If trouble is causing you trouble, focus on the root of the problem (yourself) and don’t blame others.
Don’t publish.
Worrying about your faults enough to correct yourself.
Discipline strictly only if you think it is very likely to be useful.
Prostrate to God alone, after receiving good news.

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