How to play Ash in Apex Legends: Abilities, tips, more

Season 11 of Apex Legends introduces a new Legend to the game and his name is Ash, the Incisive Instigator. This deadly character uses his aggressive kit to track down enemy squads and close range for killing.

While Apex Legends Escape brings the new map of Storm Point and deadly CAR SMG to the game, it was Incisive Instigator Ash that caught the community’s attention.

With the original appearance of the more popular Titanfall franchise, Simulacrum has finally entered Apex Games after running Arenas mode since Season 9.

With a kit centered on aggression and tracking enemies, Ash is the perfect Legend for players who want to search for action and rack up kills.

Even if mastering his kit isn’t a quick task, those who take the time to learn his abilities will be rewarded with a Legend that can capture enemies unattended, and eliminate them before they have any. opportunity to respond.


How to use Ash’s abilities

Passive: Marked for Death

Apex Legends Ash passive ability
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Ash’s Passive ability.

Ash’s Passive ability Marked for Death shows the location of the new deathboxes on the map and allows him to interact with them. After doing so, he was alerted by a ping on his map of the exact location of their attackers.

It’s worth remembering that this ability is limited to one use per deathbox, so make sure you memorize the location and communicate the information to your squad.

Tactical: Arc Snare

Apex Legends Ash Tactical
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Ash’s tactical ability.

Ash’s tactical ability Arc Snare allowing him to throw a rotating trap that is destructive and binds the first enemy that comes very close.

Remember, this ability has a charge and a 24 second cooldown, so it is important that you use it effectively, as it can be fired to eliminate fights or slow down the flight of enemies.

It also stays in one area for a short time after being fired, so it is possible to block passages and zone enemies in a particular direction.

End: Breaking the Stage

The ability in Apex Legends Ash Ultimate
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Ash’s last ability.

Ash’s last ability Phase Violation allowing him to rip through space itself, opening a portal to a target area that allies and enemies can pass through.

Unlike Wraith’s Ultimate, Ash’s portal location can be targeted anywhere in his sightline, making it easier to access high power positions.

However, Ash’s travel is always one way travel, so there’s no way to use your portal to escape when it’s activated.

Despite this, Ash’s Phase Breach will remain active for 15 seconds after using it and have a base cooldown on 120 seconds.

Apex Legends Ash: Tips and Tricks

1. Use your Ultimate to gain a high position of power

Ash at Storm Point Apex Legends
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Ash’s Ultimate can be used to establish power positions.

Unlike the Wraith, Ash can use his Phase Breach ability to teleport anywhere in his sightline, this makes it easier to access high power positions.

From these areas, you can snipe your opponents and force them to move, putting them in danger of exposing themselves to your gun.

As Ash is quick to rotate and reposition, it’s definitely worth running a long weapon with an AR or SMG. That way you can always punish enemies from a distance and weaken them before aggressively closing the gap.

2. Ash’s Passive can be used aggressively and tactically

Ash at Storm Point using passive
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Ash’s Passive can be used to evade enemies.

While Ash’s Tactical ability is unique for players who want to track down enemies, it’s also useful to identify a safe path to the center of the ring and avoid possible clashes until you’re ready.

If you try to reposition the Apex, you’ll likely travel through some choke points and opponents will always be camping in these areas waiting for unsuspecting squads.

Interacting with deathboxes if possible will give you a good indication of which areas to avoid and where to enter.

Just be sure to share information with your squad so everyone knows which direction your enemies are heading.

3. Phase Breach through windows to clear campers

Ash to build Storm Point
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Ash’s Ultimate can be accessed through windows.

If you’re an avid Apex Legends player, you’ll know how much some squads like to camp in buildings, especially later in the game. Bunkering a room and covering all the exits, sometimes it feels impossible to get it.

However, according to Ash, your Ability ability can teleport you anywhere in your sight, which means you can travel through windows.

Even if it’s a risky game, consider Phase Breaching in a building of unsuspecting campers and lowering them from the inside. If they don’t suspect your entry, you can quickly eliminate them from the game and take over the building for yourself.

Hopefully, this guide gives you lots of tips and tricks to fully master the new Legend Ash. Soon, you’ll be Phase Breaching mid-air and deliver your squad to victory.

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