How To Speak A Disc Golf Language

Disc Golf Lingo Most people who play disc golf know the terms and the regular language. There are many other words that people use to describe things that happen on the course. Words not in the dictionary, nor in the general glossary for disc golf. I’ve collected some interesting terms from other players, and from what I’ve read other players use. I’ll share the common, and better non-common ones I’ve found.

I had a great story that was sent to me a couple years ago. A novice player went out to play with his father, a reporter and photographer were on the course from the local paper. He asked if you could draw a couple for a story they were doing on disc golf; the guy said for sure. The photographer arrived in position about 50 feet up the edge of the fairway; the man dropped loose with his driving and hit the photographer’s square in the chest with his driver.

Very embarrassing and funny now, but nobody wants to. I love this story because it shows exactly why everyone wants to get better. I formulated terms that I have learned over the past 30 years of playing disc golf. Terms that will make you feel that you know what others are talking about. Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. One of the main reasons for his popularity is players of almost any age and ability to play.

I play with guys half my age and I beat them constantly. I’m 62 years old and in good shape. I know older people who are still playing. There are no restrictions. If you can get around the course, you can play. If you’ve never played, you should. If you’re playing now, keep playing. It’s a great exercise, and a great way to socialize. As far as sports go, it’s also very cheap. You can start with as few as three disks. Driver, midrange and putter. For only about $ 30 you can get started. Most courses are free to play.

Common disc golf language

  • Ace Get the disc in the basket on the first shot

  • Hyzer Release the disk with the edge closest to your upper body than the other edge.

  • Anhyzer The outside is higher than the inner edge.

  • Overstable The disk wants to go to the ground when you release it. To make sure it’s not hyzer, you have to grab it and toss it hard with a little anhyzer.

  • Understabe Can throw with less spin, less snap to fly straight.

  • Turnover When you throw the disk hard with a good snap; it will turn opposite to the way it normally turns. If you throw a right hand back, it will turn right.

  • S Curves The flight of the disk starts as a nonzero, then becomes a hyzer at the end of the flight.

  • Snap How much spin on the disk when released by hand.

  • Driving The throw from the box.

  • Approach The shot from the drive to the basket.

  • Putt Throwing the disc to the basket.

  • Grab How do you hold the disc while throwing.

Player-Invented Disc Golf Terms

  • A dead man When your putt hits the side of the basket and falls to the ground.

  • Smoking a chain How many great bits in a row.

  • Bogey sandwich Scorecard with par bogey par.

  • Ace black Acing the wrong hole.

  • Cabbage The weeds in the rough.

  • Chastity belt The yellow band on Innova baskets.

  • Clank The sound that a putt makes when it strikes strikes the impurity belt.

  • Hitting the nickel Pyt hitting the number plate.

  • Shaking A huge long throw.

  • The path of local people Take an unconventional route to get you to the basket.

  • Jacio lumber When you hit every tree.

  • Mirkwood Very dense forests.

  • Nickel Score of 5 on hole.

  • Nuclear school Very thick rough.

  • Fly past Enter the correct height, but it sails by the basket.

  • Deuce liver fluke Two of something very lucky happening.

  • Gaack Lost short put.

  • Grenade A shot that is high and falls rapidly to the ground.

  • Chief Banger When your drive lands under the basket and you may be banging your head on the basket as you lift it.

More Disc Golf Terms

  • Disk paper plate that cannot be underlined.

  • a Pyt pig putt that is really bad.

  • Pinball A shot that hits several trees.

  • Pinball Wizard Continually hitting multiple trees.

  • Rooted When the tree’s root stops you skipping.

  • Saturn Score of 6 (saturn is the 6th planet)

  • Shank Any shot that doesn’t do what you wanted.

  • Heavy Weed Off-Road Weeds.

  • Sneak In a flight to disk instruction.

  • Snob Throw with disc nose up.

  • Snowman A score of 8.

  • Spinach Shrubs, trees, and undergrowth.

  • Taco To hit a tree so hard it folds like a taco.

  • Tombstone A disco golf disc that hits the ground, and continues to stand on the edge.

  • A tree The tree gives you a good deviation.

  • Valet Service When you park your drive under the basket.

  • CRF Candy fundraiser.

  • CTP Drive closest to the pole.

  • DL Dead last in order of throws.

  • FAT When you hit the first available tree.

  • LB Lucky bounce.

  • BUT Seeing eye disc.

  • YSA You’re holding off.

  • Gust from the Gods When the wind blows the disk offline.

  • Get greasy Sneaking through the trees.

  • A lawn dart Disco that has landed partially buried in the ground.

  • Marked When you get hit in the head of some, throw a tree away.

  • Tombstone For those disks sticking to the edge in muddy ground.

  • Helicopter A shot that needs to come straight down at the end without a curve.

  • Interruption The perfect drive.

The terms in the top section are ones you must know. These terms will help you understand the game and how to play and how to play better. The rest are just temps that other players use while playing.

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