How to Stop Your Extended Ears from Drinking

Ear augmentation has been practiced for hundreds of years by indigenous people for various rituals in countries like Africa, Europe, and most recently exploding in North America and Europe. Essentially, augmenting the ear widens an augmented hole in the ear lobe and inserts a plug or tunnel into the pierced hole. Choosing to extend your ears gives you a personal responsibility to look after your piercing properly. Smelly ear plugs, commonly known as ear canes, are caused by dead skin cells that form inside the extensor earlobe and form on the plug. Ear cheese is a combination of dead skin cells and shampoo / soap products coming together to form a disgusting and smelly leak. Once this happens, you will need to take the following steps to remove your ears from this horrible stake.

Step 1- Clean Your Plugs

Take out your plugs and wash them carefully in a sink with warm water. Use a mild liquid soap to wash all sides and clean the jewelry thoroughly. When finished, use a paper towel to dry and cover. Make sure you don’t leave in a shower or sink as contamination may occur. For organic plugs like wood, special oils like JoJoba can assist in the proper cleaning of special materials.

Step 2- Clean Earlobes

First, wipe both hands together with warm water and clean them with antibacterial soap. Then in a circular motion, use one finger to rub the inside of your extended lobe. Make sure you rub and clean all dead skin cells in an earlobe with sufficient soap and bacterial water. If your lobes aren’t big enough for your finger, then try using a Q tip to clean the inside. Make sure you wipe lobes completely inside and outside with a clean, newspaper towel to prevent bacteria trapping.

Step 3- Re-insert your Plugs

After the inside of the lobes has been cleaned and dried, put plugs back into your extended lobes immediately. Recently cleaned plugs and ear jewelry can pick up bacteria when drying air in sinks or showers, so it’s important to do this quickly. Wipe all remaining water around your piercing with a clean cloth or paper towel. If you need to lubricate your lobes when replacing plugs, try a vitamin E oil massage.

Many cleaning agents such as alcohol and hydrogen peroxide can provide for being too harsh for ear piercing and stretching. We recommend soaking and plugs 1-2 times daily in a light saline solution with warm water and non-iodized sea salt. Following these easy-to-do steps on a daily basis can prevent smelly extended ears and prevent ear cheese.

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