How to train a dog without a barking collar

Training your dog without a barking collar can be a very easy and rewarding task if used properly. The purpose of this collar is to train your dog to not bark in certain situations and to eliminate negative behavior. It should not be used to keep your dog from barking at all times. These collars are suitable for any size dog and have five levels of stimulation that can be increased during training as necessary. This should be one of the top dog supplies on your list for training your dog.

Make sure your dog is walking and introduced to their environment daily. This will allow you to observe their behavior and will help you decide for which situations the no bark collar should be used. When beginning training, choose a situation that can be easily learned by your dog and train in that situation until they learn the outcome of their behavior. After they handle the situation appropriately move on to the next one.

You will want your dog to get acquainted with the no bark collar before activating it. Fit the collar as it will be for training and let the dog wear the deactivated collar for two days. Do not start training while away because you will want to see your dog’s initial reactions and make necessary changes in the first days of use. After your dog is familiar with the collar, you may continue training without his being present.

Start the first day with the collar deactivated and leave the collar on for approximately 2-3 hours. Collect a small food reward to give your dog. After the training time has passed, give them the food reward you have chosen. On the second day, repeat the same steps as the first day; However, leave the collar on for approximately 5-6 hours. Activate the no bark collar on the third day and start correcting your dog’s behavior. Your dog may chase or jump the first time they are corrected. This will be the most intense reaction and will become less intense with continued use.

Set the non-barking collar to the appropriate intensity level, and place your dog in the chosen situation. Select a command such as “silent!” And use it every time correction is needed. When your dog begins to bark, give the command and press the stimulation button and release after a moment. Repeat this step until barking ceases when the command is heard. This should be repeated for the first week.

After the first week, give the command without pushing the stimulation button. If your dog does not respond to the command, repeat it and press the stimulation button. If after the first week, your dog is still not responding to the command, you may need to increase the intensity level and repeat the training. Leave the collar without barking on even when training is complete and continue to use for new situations to ensure no set backs.

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