I changed my mind – Facebook is a monopoly

I am the founder of MeWe, a social network without advertising with data privacy and without expanding content or manipulating the news feed. MeWe competes directly with Facebook. On June 27, 2019, I wrote an article in this newspaper entitled “I compete with Facebook, and this is not a monopoly.”

On August 6, 2021, I was contacted by the New York Attorney General’s Office, which, together with the Federal Trade Commission, is conducting an antitrust investigation into Facebook in 46 states. On June 28, a federal judge dismissed a previous case that states states have not proved that Facebook is a monopolist. On August 19, the FTC filed a complaint with the changes, in which MeWe listed as one of the few Facebook competitors that remained in force. In tandem, the prosecutors general are asking for an appeal and demanding my point of view. Facebook has answered denying that it is a monopolist, and calling the FTC’s lawsuit “unfounded.”

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