I still get butterflies in my stomach when I think of my ex-boyfriend – I think I want him back

Often when two people go their separate ways, one is not happy about it. It doesn’t matter if the couple is separated, but often one or both will think of their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Eventually this makes him or her think of getting back.

If you feel butterflies in your stomach every time you think about your ex-boyfriend, you fall into the category of wanting to come back with him. Maybe you think it’s impossible, so you’re determined not to take the matter further.

But the point is, if you still have feelings, he may be experiencing the same thing. Think about this: What if you both want to get back together and no one does anything about it? How funny is that? You can be each other’s soul mate but you will allow the relationship to unfold without conflict.

If you really want him back and you think there may still be feelings on both sides, it’s worth at least trying. Don’t you think so? Give him a call, ask him for lunch or a cup of coffee. Look at what he does. Read his body language and try to understand what he is telling you. If he still seems interested, tell him you want to start a relationship again. If you are not interested at all, you will not lose anything by trying. Who knows, he might go home and start thinking about you and give you a call in a few days.

No matter what you do, do not assume that “absence makes love to the heart.” Sometimes that may be true, but in my experience it is usually the opposite and you will go further.

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