Just in time for Christmas – what are the top 5 toys this year?

As the last few days before Christmas we go into a frenzy, shopping for kids becomes even more urgent. This is a last minute guide to the 5 toys that have been named as the top toys for Christmas this year. We will also provide a brief overview of each with our recommendation.

Starting at number five we have micro chargers light racers. These little beauties are different from most race car sets because the car is light, hence the name Light Racers. Another feature is the glow in the dark track. This is a toy that can be used day or night without lights.

When set up properly, this can be a fun race car set. The qualifier is because there were numerous comments on the blogs that the track could fall apart if it was not set on a level, solid surface. If you can accept that, we think your kids will really enjoy this toy.

Number four on the list is the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster. Say three times faster! RapidStrike is part of a growing elite family of toys that fires safe, foam darts at distances up to 75 feet. Between the blaster itself and the amo clip, you get 18 shot capacity.

What sets this elite apart from the rest of the family is the 18 shots. Others in this line have 6 or 12 darts. In our opinion, this is the best in the family just because. It’s all fun, but RapidStrike keeps the fun a little longer each time.

The third is the Air Hogs RC Helix X-4 stunt quadcopter. This is another mouthful. It is one of the new remote control air hog helicopters. The main difference with this is again in the name itself. The quad has four ducted and shielded fans, with on-board gyroscopic stabilization. This means that the helicopter has excellent control but is protected from damage in the event of a crash.

After seeing the rest of the Air Hogs helicopter, we chose this one for its durability and control. Other air hogs seem to be prone to crashes and damage. The prices are also very similar.

Second on our list of top 5 toys is the Polar Express Train Set-G Gauge. This was an easy choice. The train is an authentic replica of the train that carries passengers to the North Pole. The movie and its predecessor have become Christmas staples for generations. The film broke the cinematic ground with its special effects.

The train set allows children to imagine themselves as part of the story. The remote control lets them go back and forth, as well as using bells and whistles. This toy is always a safe bet.

Our number one choice is extremely low tech. With all the computer games and remote control toys, the winner is the lowest priced toy on the list. The spot it! Sports have been around for almost 10 years now. They were designed to provide hours of educational fun and they seem to have succeeded as perennial best sellers.

Original Spot It! The game has been linked by a whole family of spin-offs, from sports and travel to games especially for very young children. Our number one toy is one that will last for years and be a favorite.

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