Learn How to Train Your Dog’s Obedience

Training your dog’s obedience is a very important thing you must learn if you are going to get a dog for a pet. Whenever you train a dog, you need to remember that for the training to be successful, three things must happen.

The first thing is that you have to have really good timing. The second thing is that you have to be consistent with your training. And then the third step is that you have to make sure you motivate your dog properly. There is a negative and positive motivation that a dog can respond to. Both are very powerful when training your dog.

You can use many different things to motivate and train a dog. For example, you can use the dog’s strong desire to eat food, you can use its desire to play catch, the desire to be touched, the desire to go for a car ride. These are all things that motivate your dog.

So let’s just say he was excited by a car ride. When he sees a car driving past and gets upset, before he runs to him, make him obey. So whenever you train your dog instead of always using food as a compliment, you can use the things he enjoys in the environment.

Before you play catch with your dog first give him a few commands and let the catch thing be his compliment. Hold the stick in your hand and give him a few commands like sit and stand and if he does good, throw the stick for him to play.

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