Meta, formerly Facebook, is acquiring the “Supernatural” fitness app based on virtual reality; Read the details

After a recent rebranding, Facebook has evolved into a meta-focused Meta company. Although only a few days have passed since the development, Meta is already making efforts to make its vision a reality. Most recently, Meta acquired within, creators of VR-based training programs Supernatural. This is an Oculus Quest headset program that allows users to engage in exciting exercises and procedures based on virtual reality, helping them during training.

In an official blog post published on October 29, 2021, Jason Rubin, vice president of Play, says, “Today I am pleased to announce that Within (along with Supernatural) has signed a deal to join Meta. Supernatural will continue to operate independently as part of Reality Labs and will continue to create fitness, wellness and social experiences in VR, helping people achieve their goals as joyfully and connected as possible. ”

Meta will introduce fitness to the meta universe using Within

Formerly known as Facebook, Meta has been very clear about its goals from day one. The company wants to realize a meta-universe that will allow users not only to view digital content, but also to experience it as part of it through virtual reality. The acquisition of Meta Within will allow the company to develop VR applications related to fitness, and use its experience to create an integral part of the metaverse, which will allow users to take care of their physical shape.

In a blog post, Within CEO Chris Milk said: “We are excited because our partnership with Meta means we will have more resources to expand and provide you with even more music, more creative workouts, more features and more social opportunities for virtual reality. And, of course, we will still launch new workouts every day. ” The company also notes that the existing staff of coaches, choreographers and managers will remain in the company after the acquisition.

Supernatural is a Beat Saber-based VR training program that allows users to enter the world of virtual reality with the Oculus Quest headset. The developers of the program have successfully created cardio exercises based on movements. Each workout in the program consists of music programs that can be performed anywhere. More recently, the app also announced Supernatural Boxing.

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