Metaverse from Facebook is AOL for people who play Beat Saber

One of the most iconic scenes star Wars The movie franchise is the moment when the cute droid R2D2 jumps up to Obi-Wan Kenobi and offers him a virtual reality helmet.

Oh, don’t you remember that scene?

This is where Kenobi fiddles with the straps of his headset for three minutes on the screen before muttering, “Wait, it’s blurry. Wait. What should I see? Is this Jabba Hutt? Where is the slider that makes the image clear? On which side? o There. Ah! This is Leah. “

Then, in the virtual world of Star Wars, Leah’s cute avatar expresses a frightened face and says, “Help me, Obi-E, am I muted?” No? Cool. Help me Obi Wang, you are our only hope! ”

Leaving the office to go home and putting on bulky, awkward headsets to join a meeting in a cartoon looks like fantastic idea.

No, really Facebook. You have surpassed yourself with Horizon Workrooms. Him definitely the way of the future. As it became clear during the defeat Butchers film franchise.

We all remember this scene Final where the Avengers are scattered through space and they all stop for a few minutes what they are doing to catch their Oculus Rifts.

My favorite part is when Falcon Eye yells at his daughter, “Damn Lila! I know you had the last charger. My damn headset is dead! Do you work for Thanos or what? Go look for Lila’s damn charge! ”

And then they all meet in Horizons (except Hulk, of course. Facebook is mostly engaged in servicing the average, typical hardware user when it comes to VR availability).

Point:Using a virtual reality helmet to bring the office environment closer to an animated holiday, when we all have perfectly good webcams, is very similar to using my child’s xylophone to play an S&M version Enter Sandman. Of course, done right, it can be very cool.

However, this is not an update. It’s AOL, but worse. It is a portal that takes a group of people who are already connected and forces them through a gateway to the garden, where they are a little less connected.

It can be fun. It can be interesting. It can even be super, duper cool. But in the end, a significant percentage of the population will either miss or be forced to hold every business meeting, vomiting on their knees – avatars also mimic these movements?

As a result, a pair of AR and AR glasses from Apple could achieve the same without hurting anyone. Holograms where it is. You don’t have to be a superhero, a Jedi or a technical tycoon to know this.

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