My affiliate marketing explanation and top 5 recommendations

What is affiliate marketing?

Understandably, affiliate marketing is about selling products from other businesses, and earning commissions on what you sell. This is completely different from multi-level marketing (MLM) or pyramid schemes. Many people with whom I have talked about what I do believe that affiliate marketing is similar to MLM. I can understand the confusion; However confusion means that those people do not understand what affiliate marketing is. For example, Amazon offers affiliate opportunities. So you sell products on Amazon through your unique link; You will get commission on it. If the customer asks for a refund later, you will lose the commission on that particular sale. With physical products, sales are closed once. Just because you can say, 100 sales in a month does not guarantee that you will resell next month. This will mean that you have to continue selling to earn revenue. You can automate the process by having your own website – say, with a product review and its link. You only have to write a review once; But it could sell for months of review. With physical products, there is no guarantee that they will have stock of the product you are selling. Shipping can also be delayed, and it’s all out of your control.

Passive, recurring income

With the example of Amazon above, all the products out there are one-time, direct sales. However, if you sell membership online, you will receive a commission every month on that sale. Membership can take many forms, one example I will use is I currently have a paid membership to play chess, do strategic puzzles, get through lessons – basically access the resources that this company spends a lot of time, money and effort to develop. If I sell the membership to someone else – I will get a monthly commission on that sale. If a member cancels their membership, I will stop receiving a commission on that sale. It’s really that simple.

This is where the confusion with MLM comes in. MLM schemes have complex ways to pay you and others to stay in a network where people above you earn more than you. They promise recurring revenue પરંતુ but on the condition that the pyramid continues to grow. If it stops, the plan will not continue and it will go bankrupt if they deliver on the promised payments.

Value exchange

Going back to the example- even if I sell zero I would be happy with my membership because of the value I get from the products they give me for a monthly membership fee. This is the main difference between legitimate affiliate marketing opportunities and hype-up scams. Most affiliate marketing opportunities give you value for money when it comes to membership fees. I am personally learning about affiliate marketing from a variety of sites and platforms. This does not mean that I am making money from it all. That is not the purpose. Developed knowledge and skills will be valuable to me for years to come. I can say that I’ve received a lot of value from all the sites listed below અને and I still have a lot of work to do for each of them.

My Top 5 List of Legal Affiliate Marketing Platforms / Opportunities: (Click on each link for more information)

Lead Lightning (વાર 7 one time off, $ 6 commission per sale) Link: { I would recommend starting with this. It provides all the requirements you need to start generating leads (customers) for your business. Going through this training and applying it would be a good place to start. There are also up-sell and over-priced membership, but this is the membership I am on. I would say that it is better to upgrade when you go through the training available here and implement it. Below is one of the banner ads used to promote this product.

Builder all { આ This is an all-in-one platform for existing business owners, with everything you need to create and automate your business sites, email campaigns, ad campaigns, and more. ($ 29 initial sign-up fee; various monthly membership options depending on your needs).

Rich engage { This is another platform I personally use. This includes training, web hosting, email automation, site research, support community and everything you need to start and grow your online business. There is a free membership option with limited benefits. There is only a premium membership of $ 50 / month with પ્રથમ 19 in the first month to see if you like it. This is a must if you are serious about growing an online business- and want to sell on multiple platforms and multiple products.

The legendary marketer Free Blog: {} (club membership: $ 30 / month, કમિ 18 commission per sale) Sign up Link: { This is what got me started in affiliate marketing framework. The training is excellent, it must be for anyone who wants to do well in this special place together with an expert coach. It’s hard to match the results of this company – no small achievement of more than $ 100 million in just 2 years. The claims you see in promotional videos are all real. Nothing about this company is fake. The authenticity of the people who train you makes you realize that it is possible for you to achieve what they have. I like how transparent the team of David Sharp and Legendary Marketer is. They really tell you everything they know અને and everything you need to know about the company. I would say that the raw quality of what they offer sets them apart. What they have created is the best. Site is easy to navigate, training is clear, everything works, graphic design is nice. This is for everyone from beginners to experts. High-value products seem like good value for money to me- but I don’t have the cash to upgrade to any of them yet. I’m sure a lot of people are reading this who might be in a similar situation. That’s right! The skills you learn from club membership will make it easier to earn high commissions when you can afford to upgrade.

MyLeadSystemPro { (Different pricing options) This is one for more experienced marketers, or those who have plenty of time to look at different trainings / products tailored to their needs. When this platform is available it is quite easy to get overwhelmed or experience information overload while looking at all the things. I would say that before joining this you should have a clear vision of what you want- because it is possible that they will have a lot and everything you can think of. All the top affiliate marketers I know are here and promoting this. So if you want to go to the top, this is definitely one of the companies you should know about.

In conclusion I would say that these are the platforms that are likely to help you grow a successful online business. It must be mentioned for legal reasons, that there is no guarantee of any of these incomes. The earnings you get from any of these are proportional to the work you do.

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