Northrend Gold Farming Spots – Top 5 World to Farm Gold of Warcraft Locations in Watlk

Many players don’t like to share their best Northrand gold farming spots because, let’s face it, no one likes to share spots with other players. There are a lot of places to cultivate gold in WhatLK that most players don’t even know about. So, to help everyone a bit, I’m going to share in a few words here, my favorite Northrand gold farming spot.

1. Cauldron of flames. The site is located in southeastern Wintergrass. It is a zone with fire elemental mobs that leave a crystallized fire, items you can combine to create an internal fire. Also, there are a few cinder clouds in the area and if you are an engineer you can extract more crystallized fire from these clouds. Although the response rate of fire elements is a bit low, this is a great place to do a crystallized fire farm in the Northland.

2. Dan of Gimorak. You can find this cave in the middle of Storm Peaks. Inside the cave are plenty of wolves and mighty worms. They omit the meat used in cooking and can also be skinned for Borian leather and gorgeous scales. Of course, the scales fall from the worm itself. If you are a skinner, you will occasionally find Arctic fur while skinning these animals.

3. Invasion Harbor. This is one of the Northrand gold farming spots I choose because I am a tailor. There are many humanoid mobs that leave Frostwave cloth and since I have a passive skill of Northern Cloth Scavenging, I can get a lot more cloth scraps than other players. However, if you choose this place as your farming destination, you have to take better care as this is a daily quest zone and you can be attacked by an enemy player who comes here to complete those quests.

4. Valkyrie. The place is in the western storm peaks. In this camp Nesant Valkyrie has a 100% chance of releasing the dissolved Soul Essence. These are gray items that you can just ignore and destroy, but they have a very high seller value. Since each Essence costs 65 seconds and each Walkie one is declining, you can make a lot of gold by selling these junk items to the seller.

5. Lake at Blue Sky Logging Grounds. This is the best Northland gold farming spot for fishing. The lake is in the northern Grizzly Hills and is very rich in glacial salmon, a type of fish the chef needs to cook for a feeding at a fish festival. Sometimes, you can sell this fish for up to 60-70 grams per stack. I also got a super cool sea turtle mount by fishing at a glacial salmon school here.

I hope you make some money on these Northrand gold farming spots that I have described in this article. However, these are just the 5 best places in the Northrand, so if you want to know about many others, I recommend using the Wow Gold Guide I use.

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