Off-grid water system – what are your options?

Life outside the net has its benefits. For example, you will live in very natural, unpolluted areas, whether you buy a house off the net or decide to buy bare land on which to develop your homestead. However, most aspiring homeowners are concerned about the water problem that comes with off-net housing. If you relied on city water that never let you down, then you will most likely have to worry about not having access to the water after moving.

But fortunately, there are still options to choose from when it comes to off-grid water systems. A good water system will not only serve your water needs on the property, but will also work very well during water disasters. In fact, there is nothing as good as being prepared for a bad day, and your system should be off the network. So what are your options for having enough water, even if you live off the net?

Rain capture system

The good thing about rain barrel systems is that you don’t have to pay for water. All you have to do is get the barrels and create a system right from your roof and you will have enough water to keep your needs on your property. If you live in areas that can be quite cold, risking frozen barrels, find a way to keep them at better temperatures to avoid such a problem. You can build root cellars for them or bury them to face the effects of very cold months. A rainwater purification system is also worth considering, so you can drink it without any worries. With a good rain capture system, you only need a medium amount of rain to fill the barrels and have enough to meet your needs.

Well water system

Digging a well on land outside the network is a very viable long-term water solution. If your land is low on the groundwater level, digging a well will be very easy, but if not, you may need to find an expert to advise you on which point is best for the well so that you do not end up digging and missing water. Once the well is dug, you may consider installing a hand pump to extract the water. The hand pump will save you a lot of effort and time, especially for wells that are deep, but you can also look for other well options that suit you.

Tank water system

Tanks are very good water options for off-grid real estate. One refill can serve your water needs for months and you can fill it by pumping from a river, well, rainwater or van. With this water option, you can choose an above ground system or an underground system. The above-ground system gives you the option of moving it to the filling point and then returning it, while underground tanks work wonderfully in cold climates because they are protected from frost and usually have more capacity.

When looking for an off-grid water system, it is important to consider your on-site water needs as well as your climate so that you can choose a system that effectively serves all your needs.

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