Omni-Channel Retailer: Top 5 Trends to Consider in 2018

At the NRF Big Show 2018, retail executives and leaders share the areas they are going to focus on this year. Here are some of the things they are working on:

1. Retailers will strive to provide more personalized digital experiences.

When asked for opinions, officials from Messrs., Neiman Marcus Group and The Children’s Place made it clear that the focus in 2018 would be on personalization for them. Retailers have worked on improving personalization for many years but it all depends on the customer experience. As such, delivering excellent customer experiences in 2018 will be the result of blending technology with a more personal touch.

2. The main focus will be on combining online and offline store experiences.

Leading retailers like Macy’s and The Children’s Place are still enthusiastic about ‘Omni-Channel Retail’. Macy’s continues to see serious growth in the area of ​​”buy online, pick up in store” (BOPIS). “Physical stores aren’t going away. Consumers will always want the option of coming to the store to try on jeans instead of shopping online for three different sizes,” said a Messi executive.

3. More retailers will consider taking advantage of voice assistants.

The global chief ecommerce officer at Samsonite thinks voice assistants will start taking things like consumer in certain categories. However, taking advantage of sound in a category like fashion can be a difficult time. is one of the first retailers to launch Alexa Skills, the CEO and President believes that bots and AI capabilities will enable to expand its personal experience. He envisions the possibilities, “Voice is emerging as the main interface, I think it will bring us back to our first flower shop retail experience where we gave a true 1-to-1 relationship. Voice enables us to 1- .2-to-1 relationship with large-scale customers. “

4. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) matures, it is adopting AI-powered retail applications.

According to the Global Chief eCommerce Officer at Samsonite, 2018 will be the year when Artificial Intelligence will be its progressive moment. Retailers will start using it to power different parts of the retail and ecommerce experience. uses AI to power communication interfaces such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Facebook Messenger, many of which do not require human touch.

5. Personalization, social media and Amazon marketing services will be used as an acquisition marketing strategy.

Children’s Place highlights the importance of personalized marketing strategies. Its personalization strategy began in 2017 when the company hired a data scientist to clean up the customer database. Now that The Children’s Place can combine customer purchases online and in-store, executives believe it will help make acquisition, engagement and maintenance strategies more personal.

Social media also seems to be one of the top marketing priorities for Petco’s CEO. On the other hand, the global chief ecommerce officer at Samsonite believes, “Amazon is going to be just as important to the marketing strategy of the marketing brand as Google and Facebook. In 2002. “

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