Own a parent Meta on Facebook if you want to reach the metaworld

SK Telecom: “That’s good. It’s just that my problem is that I don’t like the camera business. It becomes competitive. I’m not sure how competitive it is in Korea, but there is no growth. If you want a metaverse, you must own an old Facebook [now known as Meta]».

Eventbrite: “Everyone is a platform as a service company. Again, this company has event planning. She has excellent management. What should we do? We need to talk to Julia Harz, she’s in charge. Let’s show her. ”

Wire to hell: “[Ticker symbol] WIRE has been stocking up and down since day one and now they are in growth mode. It is parabolic. The action is parabolic and I will not recommend parabolic action right here. It’s too dangerous and people can get hurt. ”

Origin Materials: “We need to work on Origin Materials. I don’t understand why the stock falls, falls, falls when everyone in its cohort grows, grows, grows.”

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