Reason to lock my Hermit crabs together!

It is noon. When you go inside to look at your monastery crabs, you will notice that they are locked together. You ask yourself, why are my monastery crabs locked together? Well, there is an easy explanation for this. Your crabs are locked together because they fight. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

Your crabs are locked together because one crab saw a shell he liked and decided he wanted it as his new shell. When one crab decides he has a thorn he wants, he decides to fight for it. He knows he needs this shell and is ready to get it. So whether he has another crab in it or not, he gets what he wants. He decides to kill the other crab in the shell and take his shell because he wants it. That’s why your crabs are locked together. When they fight, the crab wants to climb on the crab in the tank and try to squeeze his claws, so he can’t fight back when the first crab pulls it out of the shell. How and why your monastery crabs are locked together.

It’s not a pretty site when you see your crabs locked together, because it usually means they fight to the death. Now, if you’ve been there when that happens, you can usually try to separate them, then they will no longer fight, hoping that none of them will be harmed. These crabs can be very selfish and when they see something they like, they are determined to get it. It’s like there’s a million dollars inside that shell, and whatever share you take, that’s the shell you’re going to take. Often, the crab that needs the new shell usually wins the fight and the other crab ends up dying or being torn.

Once your crabs are locked together, the only thing you can try to do is separate them. Keeping them in the same cage is still not a good idea, as there is a risk that your crabs will lock back together and the fight will continue. Make sure they are completely separated and in different tanks, or you can wake up by locking your crabs back together or when one of them dies.

The best thing you can do to prevent your monastery crabs from sticking together is to have a large number of shells of different sizes in the tank or cage. This usually stops your crabs from locking over a shell. Some crabs are there and they are bound and determined to get what they want at any cost, and some crabs will therefore have to lock you together. You may have 50 of the same shell, but if your monastery crab has decided he needs someone who already has a crab, he will do whatever it takes to get this shell. Some are out there, they don’t count. No matter what you do, that’s why your crabs can be locked together. The only option you have is to have them in a place where you can look at them closely. Then, if your crabs are locked together, you can try to separate them permanently. Try to watch carefully and do whatever it takes to prevent your monastery crabs from locking together.

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