Relationships: Why Do Some Men Need a Mother?

Just because a man looks like a man, does not mean that he likes a man on the inside. What happens externally then has little to do with what happens internally.

However, just because his physical appearance makes him feel like a human being, does not mean that his behavior makes him feel the same. Then his behavior will shed light on what is going on inside him.

Two experiences

Now, he knows he feels like a boy, but there’s a chance he won’t. If he is aware of this, he may need to look at what he can do to change the way he feels.

By doing this, it will give him the opportunity to grow emotionally and become a stronger man in the process. On the other hand, if he is unable to take a step back and the way he feels seems to be a normal part of him, his life is unlikely to change.

An identity

I don’t feel like a boy because I felt like this for so long. The emotional experience he has can then be seen as part of who he is.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. But when this happens, it will not be long before he becomes depressed and depressed.

A dark existence

Because of how he feels and his view of himself and the world, it means that he is accustomed to walking by others. This may indicate that his position is challenging.

At the same time, he may not have a sense of direction without knowing what he wants to do with his life. So even if you have a job, it does not mean that you are on the right track.

Upper and lower

If his feelings are not normally balanced, this will be another aspect of his life that is causing him problems. The emotional part of his existence will not go to his side, so to speak, it will act against him.

As a result, there may be a number of things in the outside world on which he depends to soothe his emotions. One way he can do this is by masturbating to watch pornography and / or he is addicted to drugs, for example.

A strong attraction

If you talk about the type of woman that a man is attracted to, you can not think that this girl will be a very feminine. The reason is that this man is going to want a woman who owns what he is undeveloped.

However, this does not mean that he will be aware of what kind of women he is attracted to, as this may be something he did not expect. But even if he does not know what kind of women he is attracted to, it will become clear if he thinks about the kind of women he has been with or attracted to for years.

A closer look

Since he has no sense of direction, is emotionally unstable and finds it difficult to assert himself, the woman he is attracted to may be someone who cares about this for him. Then the woman will be strongly attached to her masculine energy and he will be strongly attached to his feminine energy.

From the outside, this woman looks like a strong woman, but this is nothing but magic. Instead, it could be a woman who has lost touch with her feminine profile because she doesn’t feel safe enough to embrace this side of her.

A False-Self

The spirit she presents to the world is then a mask we wear to prevent her inner wounds. How deeply she feels will then be reflected back to her by the type of man she ends up with.

Unknowingly, he sees her as someone who gives him what he did not get when he was a child, and in him, she sees the part where he loses his touch and needs to be saved, that is, both of them. Will not be emotionally available and will not be able to stay in a relationship. They will both play a role, they will more or less not be able to connect deeply with each other.

the way forward

For such a man to end up with a woman who is associated with her feminine form, he will need to embrace his masculine aspect. By working through his own internal wounds, he will no longer look to a woman to give him direction, to soothe his emotions, or to resolve his challenges.

Once this happens, she is able to attract a woman who embraces her feminine form and feels safe around him. There may be times when he sees her as his mother, but a large part of him will know that she is not.


If a man is looking for a mother character, it can show that his mother and father were not emotional in his early days. He may not have received the love he needed from his mother and the guidance he needed from his father.

When it comes to healing early damage, a man must reach out for outside help. This is something that can be given with the help of a therapist or healer.

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