Rumor: Let’s look at the metaverse. Don’t forget to bring your glasses

Facebook has been renamed. This week, the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the name of the company will be changed to Meta. The term comes from the metaverse, the VR / AR experience, which allows users to work remotely using a combination of virtual and personal components, as described by Facebook. This is a deliberate shift for Facebook, and it comes at a time when the corporation is involved in a weekly debate about how its product can affect users. However, the fact that the corporation has a new name does not mean that its difficulties are solved.

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This week at Gadget Lab, WIRED senior writer Ariel Pardes will join us to talk about the rebranding of Facebook, its advancement into the metaworld, and the challenges associated with this shift.

Ariel recommends the new movie “Dune”. Mike recommends the latest episode of the car war podcast with chef Alicia Kennedy. Lauren recommends a package of WIRED stories about Facebook newspapers.

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  • Let’s look at the metaverse. Don’t forget to bring your glasses
  • Check out all the news and articles on news updates about rumors.

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