So what about all those kids who are already obese?

To date, our comments have only concerned the prevention of the childhood obesity epidemic. However, this does not mean that we have nothing to say about rehabilitation. It just means that we have decided to work on a side where the chances of winning are dramatically better, because we are preventing the poison from entering the bloodstream at all.

You see, as soon as a childhood obesity monster sinks its fangs into the psyche of a young boy or girl, that bastard hangs for life and gets stronger every day, week, month and year. Getting rid of a bad habit is much harder than simply avoiding it in the first place.

We can no longer sit on the sidelines

But since there are millions of children across the country who are already obese, we can no longer sit sideways and remain silent. On the other hand, the rehabilitation aspect of the problem also shrinks to better eating and more exercise. And once this culprit of the duel is fully recognized, the problem can actually be reduced to one factor … and that is MOTIVATION.

In other words, you can give everyone all the right information. You can also give them access to the right tools and equipment. But one thing you can’t give them is willpower. You cannot give them the desire to act. That means you can’t want them to. If they do not want to solve the problem enough to take the necessary steps, the problem is dead upon arrival and is designed to remain unresolved.

The question is …

So the real question is, how to inspire a child who has already mastered all bad habits and is already suffering from all the different problems associated with obesity? How do you motivate them to give up old weakness-producing habits in exchange for new strength-producing habits? How do you give them enough confidence to take the first step leading to the second step, leading to the third step, and so on.

The answer is …

In my opinion, the answer to this question is that someone must show them how to succeed immediately. They need to see them grow a little stronger, a little slimmer, every workout, every week, every month, all year long. In other words, if children are expected to invest their own time, effort, and self-image in anything, they will expect to see the (non-monetary) reward, dividend, return on investment, and effort. And the more often the payout, the higher the motivation level. Count on it.

For example, if someone is on a diet and loses a pound / day, their motivation will be dizzying. If their success is reduced to kilo / week, motivation decreases significantly. But if it drops to a pound / month, it will be difficult to see any motivational wind in the sails.

In short…

In short, nothing works as well as success. And if you can bring it into the lives of children who are already obese on a regular basis, you will at least have a chance to reverse development and win the war. If not, you are wasting time, effort and money.

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