Some observations to know when people overeat

The food should have a pleasant taste while eating but should not be tasted later. If it is, it is a sign of indigestion after overeating, or it indicates improper combinations or very poor cooking. Sometimes when there is no desire to eat, it is always a mistake. Maybe a lot of food has been added to the diet, or there may not be enough oral preparation. It is usually caused by overeating. This is not often the case with repetitive fruits and various other foods that are properly prepared and eaten in moderation.

Flatulence and other disorders caused by gas can be due to the obstruction created by the cancerous growth. More food is consumed than can be digested. Part of it is a product of fermentation and gas fermentation. A very small amount of gas in the esophagus is natural, but when there is gas or noise in the intestines, this is a sign of indigestion and may be mild, or it may not be felt by the person. Be so bad that he can’t think of anything else. Most gas formation always requires reducing food intake and paying special attention to how all foods containing starch are chewed. Starch is digested in an alkaline medium, and if those with poor digestive energy take it with too much acid, the result is fermentation instead of digestion.

People should never eat enough to feel slow. They should stop eating before they are full. If there is a desire to sleep after eating, overeat. When drowsiness occurs after eating, the brain does not have enough blood left for the digestive organs to need. The digestive organs adapt to the required blood volume and the brain refuses to maximize its normal oxygen supply and nutrition when deprived.

Muddy skin, possibly acne, is another sign of overeating. It shows how big the food intake is, for this reason and because of the high acidity of the system the body tries to remove excess solid fluid through the irritated skin and then inflammation. Many types of eczema and some other major skin conditions are caused by stomach disorders and over-nutrition. There is a limit to the ability of the skin to expel and when it is exceeded, skin diseases occur.

· Dark eyes and whitish-green color of the eyes can lead to indigestion due to overeating. The green color comes from the bile that is thrown into the bloodstream when the liver is overworked. If food is not consumed in excess, the liver will never overpay.

A person who eats too fast or too much does not know what the real taste of food is. Overeating causes food poisoning and all the special sensations of food poisoning are dull. One must be clean to get normal taste, smell, hearing and sight, and those who feed beyond capacity are not internally clean.

ඇත්නම් If following a diet has adverse effects, overeating may have occurred at or before the last meal. Less mastication usually occurs with overeating and causes more trouble. People who masticate well are usually somewhat moderate in their eating habits.

අය People who sleep for seven or eight hours and then wake up unresponsive suffer from overeating. A person with food poisoning cannot rest properly. To get a good night’s sleep and recover, you need clean blood and a healthy diet.

Many people, especially women, say that if they miss a meal or take it later than usual, they will have a headache, which means that the nutrition is wrong, usually too generous and often too stimulating. The average person can skip a dozen meals without a sign of a headache.

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