Spider-Man PS4 2019: Top 5 Best Suits

Spider-Man 2018 is a wonderful action-adventure game inspired by Marvel Comics, developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game has Peter Parker as the main character, secretly known as Spider-Man. This article will look at the top five of the 41 battle suits in the game.

Sophisticated attire

The game begins with the original suit, which chases a crime scene at Fisk Tower in Times Square on a mission. “Something old, something new”. The sleek skeleton look dressed in a suit with a large white spider embroidered on Web Chest’s chest brings fear to its enemies during battle.

The suit is unlocked during and after this first mission, you don’t need any tokens for this. However, it is the forces of war where the cream of the crop. Release it with the press of R3 to generate Battle Focus for finishers on the order of enemies for you.

Classic (repair) suit

Favorite Spider-Man suit of all time in comics and PlayStation One games. Made his first appearance on Amazing Fantasy Vol. 1 # 15 In 1962. Web-Head’s first combat suit in comics and later entered both on the PlayStation One. Spider-Man (2000) And Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro (2001) Games

The battle suit is unlocked after collecting and completing two backpacks and two crime tokens. “Something old, something new” Two types of missions classic battle attire; The first is a damaged suit and the second is a repaired suit. In my opinion, the most terrifying battle suit power known as Web Blossom unlocks the repaired suit.

Web blossom power is best applied when the web-head is surrounded by enemies. Release it with R3, Spider-Man introduces 360-turn web-strikes for all enemies nearby, which eventually stops their attack.

Stark suit

Found in stark suits 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming Strong resemblance to movie and classic costumes. Known as Iron Man, Tony Stark designed this superb yet powerful suit at the end of Captain America: Civil War. This modern suit equipped with GPS and arguably the most powerful battle suit power, which is Spider Bro.

Spider Bro is a powerful drone that detects, pursues and attacks nearby enemies. However, it can attack one enemy at a time. Literally, it works for you after releasing it with the R3 button. Perfect when facing Spider-Man powerful brute and sable international enemies.

Iron spider suit

Another suit designed by Tony Stark, who made his appearance Avengers Endgame And Spider-Man: Away from home Movies, respectively. This suit is equipped with the same techniques embedded in the Iron Man suit. The technologies that were used to make the four self-grown weapons looked similar to Dock Oak’s Octopus Arms to defeat nearby enemies.

Personally, this is my favorite costume in Spider-Man PS4. The design of the suit is similar to that of the Advanced Suite, which is covered with a golden skeleton and has a slightly smaller embroidered golden spider on the chest of the web head. The golden skeleton with maroon and navy colors gives a gorgeous look during web-swinging and battles.

Stealth (Black Monkey) suit

Made his first appearance in the last battle suit 2019 Spider-Man: Away from home The design of the film battle suit is similar to that of the Noir suit. For the same purpose, both suits are designed for stealth missions. However, the stealth suit, also funnyly known as the black monkey suit, has no power over the war suit.

Personally, I used this suit in one DLC: The City Never Slips Series, The Heist. The suit fits perfectly in stealth takedown conditions in dark environments. To add more, the combination of battle between Spider-Man and Black Cat, both wearing black stealth suits, makes it even more interesting.

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