Squirt: What is it? The 10 keys to squirting, the new challenge with female ejaculation

The enigmatic body of women, when it comes to sexuality, has always been the subject of study. A new term has replaced the mysterious G-spot, despite its close relationship. This is the syringe, the buzzword, which has its fame thanks to the growing production of the pornographic industry.

Masturbation, a practice that long ago seemed practically masculine exclusivity, is already a reality accepted in society. Yes, women thrive too and there is nothing wrong with that. Thus, we have taken our rightful place in the sex world and there are no longer so many taboos around it.

Once it is clear that every woman who wants to can masturbate, it has started to sound louder than ever. This term is very much related to it because, no matter how nice these positions are, you will not be able to achieve it by practicing any of them …

What is the syringe?

To know what the syringe is, we must first distinguish which two types of female ejaculation exist. These are:

• The most common ejaculation among women, the one that goes unnoticed, is in the form of a small amount of transparent whitish liquid.

Spraying or spraying is a jet ejection of large amounts of release fluid.

This second term has recently sparked a debate about the possibilities that a woman’s body can achieve. The phenomenon of ejaculation during ejaculation is due to Skene’s glands. These are responsible for spraying out the liquid generated at point G.

The size of the glands varies depending on each person. This explains why not all women can ejaculate in squirts. A reduced size of the glands can cause the fluid to go to the vagina instead of going out into a stream.

To know if we can achieve the spray, we have to experiment with our body and have a lot of patience. That is why we here leave you the 10 keys that can help you achieve it. Before you learn it, you should know that female pleasure can come in a thousand different ways. As you can see through these positions to reach a large clitoral orgasm.

This new sexual challenge can be performed alone or as a couple. You choose! The most important thing is to calm down and follow the steps we reveal below.

1. Relax in the mind

Calmness is another important element, relax and enjoy. If you do not do that and you start to get impatient, the mind can play a prank on you. It will be much more complicated to reach orgasm. The power of the mind is almost as important as the power of the body. You need to be calm and confident about what you want to do. In this practice, neither conventions nor taboos have a place.

2. Erotic awareness

Sometimes we focus so much on the goal that we ignore the road signs. We must have erotic awareness and be guided by what we feel, not by what we want to achieve. Just as with happiness, in pleasure, the great moments lie in taking advantage of the little ones.

3. Erotic excitement

To reach orgasm with squirting options, preparation is a very important point that you should not overlook … The body must be aroused. For this, kisses, caresses or previous games will be the key.

4. Lubricant

Before we start the stimulation, we must moisturize the area with lubricant. The liquid it offers can help increase enjoyment.

5. Clitoral stimulation

We must combine circular motions, pressures and velocities (more or less fast). The key is to pay attention to what our body demands of us.


This will be done exclusively with the fingers (heart and ring) or with the help of sex toys. The pelvis should be very relaxed and the legs open, you can help a pillow to raise your hips. If you choose the option sex toys, it is recommended that they are vibrators.

Zon G

A very crucial point is to well stimulate zone G, this is to two phalanxes of the inside of the vagina with direction towards the clitoris. Light pressure should be applied in circles, varying speed and intermittently. This will increase the pressure on the glomerular glands, which we mentioned, which are responsible for producing the ejaculatory fluid.

8. Abroad

While massaging the interior of zone G, we can use our thumb to continue rubbing the clitoris outwards. Double stimulation can help you.

9. Pelvic movements

Since the tension is greater, we should move the pelvis forward and squeeze the buttocks. In this way, the muscles contract and the pleasure becomes greater. Normally, it makes it easier to reach orgasm. In a few seconds you will start to feel that the spraying is about to come.

10. Feeling of urination

During the process you can get a feeling of peeing, quiet, orgasm is not far away. You should not be afraid, you should continue to relax and continue to enjoy. If you quit, it will be much harder. You’ve finally got the syringe.

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