Standup Paddle Boarding How to do it and what are the basics

Paddleboarding is a fun experience. It’s a great and exciting way to relax or play on the water. It gives the body an overall training experience. It is currently a popular cross-training activity. It also allows you to experience the view of the horizon when you are fully stretched.

Standing paddleboard:

This is the most amazing vest or outfit a paddler should invest in. The choice of paddleboard should depend on the weight and abilities you own. As well as the conditions where you intend to use it.

Paddle –

Paddles, especially stands, have elbows in the shaft area, all for maximum rider efficiency. It is better if you choose between a 6-8 “paddle.

PFD personal swimming equipment: this is a legal requirement of the US Coast Guard that as it sees paddleboards as vessels, its riders should wear a PFD and wear a whistle and sunset light.

The right clothes –

It is good to wear good protective clothing and a drape so that you do not fall under hypothermia. Especially in much milder conditions. Good clothes that allow easy movement are just great. It must be something that can, of course, get wet.

guide –

The leash is a separately sold product and you will attach the paddleboard close to each other so that you do not fall. As the Paddleboard is a wide float device, it is best to attach a leash for your safety. Just buy the right one for you.

Sun protection –

Put on sunscreen and sunglasses.

Most paddleboards have a built-in handle. All you have to do is rest the board on its rail and then reach for the handle in the middle of the board. Then tuck the board under one of your hands. Then hold it with your other hand. As a novice in sports, it is best to start your first ride on calm water, without lifebuoys and boats.

There are a few simple ways to rotate the paddleboard.

There are several ways to easily spin with a paddleboard and these are listed below:

The sidestroke is used for paddling on one side until the tip of the board starts to rotate in the direction you want to go. If you want to go right, paddle on the left side and vice versa.

Backpaddle is a faster way to turn or back up. To do this, simply pull the paddle back on both sides of the board.

Sweep Stroke: You need to place the paddle on the front of the board and then make a long move away from the hull towards the tail side. This will cause the board to move in the opposite direction as you did.

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